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Excellent reputation, wide range of features, competitive pricing.


The interface can be challenging initially, for non-techies.


Excellent virtual phone solution for your business.

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Grasshopper REVIEW Is It The Best Virtual Phone System
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Grasshopper Review - Is Grasshopper the Best Virtual Phone System?

Solution for start-ups:

I first heard of Grasshopper from an entrepreneur friend who was advising me on my small business start-up. In his basic list of to-do's he didn't just say get a virtual phone system… he offered only one solution: Grasshopper. He, himself ran an extremely successful company, and used their system devotedly, so I took heed.

What's the media buzz?

Investigating a little further, Grasshopper starts looking like a no brainer. For one thing the company is "hopping" in the meda with the kind of press you can't buy. Take this little quote from Forbes: "How could you not love Grasshopper?" Grasshopper's founders were also just honored in the 30 CEO's under 30, list of most influential young entrepreneurs. Grasshopper has been featured everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to CNN and Inc. 500. 

Any dirt?

Grasshopper has a pretty stellar rep online. There was one complaint about the interface, which the user found challenging. You may also want to adjust some of the default settings. For instance, there is a 40 second transfer time which you're free to reduce the length of. Hopefully you have a designated tech geek… or you are the geek! Otherwise you might get a bit frustrated, initially. Fortunately there is 24/7 tech support so you can have Grasshopper's techies walk you through the steps, no problem.


Grasshopper has a ton of features so I did my best to consolidate them into easy to read categories which will hopefully give you a comprehensive view of what the system offers:

Pricing: There are 4 tiers of pricing, starting as low as $9.95/month with 100 free minutes, although I wouldn't recommend that option since you are charged 6c/min for each additional minute and those can add up. If you talk for just 500 minutes your plan will end up costing you nearly twice what the next level up costs. The most popular plan is $49/month with 2,000 free minutes, 2 toll free/local numbers, unlimited extensions and all included features. You are always free to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Setup/installation fee: None

Disconnect/cancellation: No. No long term contracts. Month to month.

Customer service: 24/7 as well as searchable FAQ's, tutorials and forums

Phone numbers: You can get toll free, local and vanity numbers and all are portable. You can transfer an existing number in or transfer your numbers out if you decide to move to a different service provider.

Call Screening: You can answer a call, send a caller to voicemail or hear the caller's phone number or name before making a decision. The caller remains on hold, with music, while you decide.

Custom greetings: Your main greeting is completely customizable and you have the option to have it recorded professionally (in a variety of languages) through Grasshopper, to give your company a greater air of professionalism. They can also produce an on hold commercial.

On Hold music and name directory: For your on hold music can choose from classical, house, jazz and even use your own mp3s or commercial. Having a name directory people can search, makes your business instantly sound pro and also saves time on your end, routing calls.

Online interface: No software is required to control your virtual phone system online. You can set up your account, listen to, organize and tag voicemails, view call reports, add users and call forwarding numbers, update your plan or phone number and changes are instantly applied. 

Voicemail and Fax: Voicemails can be delivered to multiple email addresses and mobile devices as WAV's or MP3s. and faxes can be delivered as PDF attachments. You can also read your voicemail and the service includes virtual fax to receive faxes as well as send, in your preferred format.

Call handling: You can transfer calls to other extensions or even different phone numbers, regardless of where you or your employees are located. Just put the caller on hold and transfer. Of course you can conference call and you also have call routing extensions, enabling you to have multiple callers on hold simultaneously before being automatically connected to the next available employee or employees in rotation. 

My Call:

Definitely worth it if you're looking for a virtual phone system to boost your business. You can try Grasshopper with a 30 day money back guarantee and get $50 off your purchase by clicking any of the links on this review. 

Date Reviewed: March 21, 2012, 9:57 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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