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Durable, portable, easy to use and learn on. Excellent customer service.


Not for more experienced surfers. Don't leave out in the sun!


Perfect for beginners and kids; nicely designed product.

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Greco 8 Foot Foam Soft Top Soft Surfboard (8 foot) from Greco Surf
Greco Foam Soft Top Soft Surfboard 8 Foot Review
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Never caught a wave? Never thought you would or could, how about trying a Greco Soft?

There is very little more alluring than the thought of gliding elegantly down that perfectly curled wave.

But most of us mortals know that this does not come easy (and very probably involves a lot of muscle-wrenching paddling, inelegant tumbles and scrape and mouthfuls of seawater at the very least).

But there is hope for all of us!

Greco Surf is known worldwide for its innovative touch on soft surfboards, working with new shapes and technology to produce the best boards for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

The company's new 8 foot foam softtop surfboard, known as the 2.0, has the highest density foam out there of any 'foamie' so it stays firm for more performance while still keeping its soft touch for safety and durability. 

For just $249.99 you can buy this year's new soft surfboard model. 'Nobody in the industry is putting technology like this on the market,' say the manufacturers, and the customers tend to agree.
'Hands down, the best board,' said one, adding, 'I bought my first Greco 2.0 over a year ago so I've had a couple seasons to really test it out... I had never touched a surfboard in my life before I got the 2.0 and got up on my first try. My wife was the same way.'

Sounds good... and most people agree that this is, 'the best foamie "funboard" on the market.'

The board weighs around 10 lbs which is light for an 8 foot board: so easier carrying from the car to the beach and for paddling out past the surf break.
'We ordered a few of these for our surf camp,' said one company. ' Its been a couple months now and we love them. All of us instructors love them. There is a turned down rail towards the tail with a two plus one [fin] simulation set up so it turns and grabs really well. It has a lot of float as there is a nice amount of foam on the rocker.'
'It is a great board for beginners to learn to surf as well as intermediate surfers,' said another buyer. 'It can turn great and I learned to surf the wave face riding the 8 foot Greco. I love it's durability and portability.'

But what really makes Greco stand out is its customer service.

'I cannot say enough great things about the customer service from Greco Surfboards. Todd is an amazing leader and has built an amazing company,' said one buyer whose leash broke and who received a replacement almost instantly, plus good advice on greasing swivels and a complimentary traction pad.
'Thanks Todd for the great service including the positive comments which made me really excited about learning to surf at my "advanced age" of 50!,' adds another.
The response from the company is quick and personal - something very few people expect so they are always surprised when they get it. 'About 15 minutes later I had a response from Todd Greco,' said one customer with an enquiry. 'He advised me what to do and helped me from his end so that I could have the blue surf board I really wanted. We talked back and forth several times via email that day, and I was a happy girl.'

'I can attest to fantastic customer service as well as a wonderful product. The rails are beveled not rounded like the cheap costco board which make it a more realistic transition to an epoxy/fiberglass board. Plus you can call up personally anytime Todd will answer any questions.

With that kind of service, you can buy online with confidence.

A couple of cautions arose during my research. The fins are described as 'somewhat flimsy' - but 'all softboards have them'. Plus be warned that you can't leave this board out in the sun for any length of time without risking blistering. The company does warn about this but a couple of people were still not happy.

You still need to wax the board for a decent grip, advises one buyer, who agrees that the boards are 'great for children.'

'Overall great board, great price and great customer service,' says a customer. Who can say fairer than that?

Catch a wave this summer!
Date Reviewed: May 10, 2012, 1:49 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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