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Green Smoke Are E Cigarettes Good For The Environment
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Green Smoke Review - Are E Cigarettes Good For the Environment?

Here's what you should know about GreenSmoke:

Green Smoke Is a ridiculously popular brand compared to the others... I mean ridiculously! So either that means they're fooling a ton of people or they're doing something right! They show up EVERYWHERE… from Fox and NBC news to the Emmy awards gifting suite with celebs from 30 Rock to Dexter to Weeds to Glee!! As of this writing, Green Smoke is approximately 10 x more frequently searched for online than all their competitors. In other words, for every 10 people searching for Brand X there are 100 people searching for Green Smoke. People are excited to promote Green Smoke because of this rabid consumer demand.

The Haters: 

If you've checked out the forums you may have noticed some pretty major griping about the Green Smoke brand (I should mention it isn't limited to Green Smoke... virtually all popular brands get slammed in the forums.) Here's a couple of observations to bear in mind: When something or someone gets wildly popular, that's when the guns come out. If you're flying under the radar you're either too obscure to notice or people root for you as the underdog. There's nothing right or wrong about this... it's human nature. 

While it's true that most popular doesn't necessarily mean best, it does mean positive growth for the company so they stay on top and maintain their customer base. Green Smoke has achieved a radical level of popularity compared to it's competitors and they'll want to do everything they can to maintain that lead in the market. Unfortunately, with the heat comes the hate (I just made that up on the spot... pretty good, no?!) Anyway, point being, popularity breeds contempt.

Another point to bear in mind is that regular users of the forums... those people whose words carry the most weight and who speak out the most... are an unusual breed. They are NOT the average ecig smoker. They're in a rarified world, kind of like vintage car enthusiasts. They have a DIY spirit which means they've gone through many many kits in search of perfection and have spent hours and hours researching and discovering their sources for cheaper equipment and optimal modifications. They are deeply into the hobby of vaping. They might even resent me calling it a hobby. To them, it's an art.

Like fine wine connoissurs, they take their vaping extremely seriously and while they would like everyone to benefit from their wisdom there is also a bit of elitism. That can make a newcomer to the scene feel less than for having more populous taste, or not wanting to go through the hassle of sourcing vape stuff from 5 locations, or spend hours and hours of searching for their own unique form of vaping perfection. For me personally, a good bottle of red is a good bottle of red. I don't want to get too deep into the nuances, I just want to enjoy it with my meal. And when it comes to E cigs, I just feel grateful that a choice is out there and available.


Green Smoke is a product that will be everywhere before long, that means retail and kiosks. The advantage to Green Smoke users being greater access. Currently to keep yourself stocked with e cigarettes you need to order online. Those companies that break out into retail will provide greater ease of access for their users in the long term. Basically, there are a myriad of e cigarrette options out there! If you get attached to a brand that doesn't make it into the mainstream it could be more challenging over time to purchase that brand's products. The forum faves of today may not sustain themselves as a business to be around tomorrow. Or, it will be comparably more challenging than finding parts for a brand like GreenSmoke. It's kinda ilke owning an italian made sports car vs. a chevy. It may look great but try replacing the parts!

Are e cigarettes good for the environment?

Pickin up on the "Green" in Greensmoke, Actually, when compared to regular cigarettes it would appear the answer is a resounding yes! Check out these sobering stats:

"Millions of cigarette butts are discarded onto the ground every day. Every year... California… has a statewide cleanup and cigarette butts account for almost half of the waste that is collected. These are only the ones that are picked up in one state and millions more are never picked up. They end up in the rivers and lakes where fish and animals eat them by mistake and quite often die from it. The rest are left on the ground to decompose which will take an average of 25 years while all of the chemicals and additives leach into the ground and pollute the soil and the plants." Jessica Taylor-Cassan

Unlike cigarette butts, the components of your e-cigarette are recyclable. The batteries can be treated the way you would recycle any battery and the cartomizers can also be recycled. Because cigarette butts take so long to  decompose and can't be recycled, some statistics say they account for 50% of all litter!

So does that mean Green Smoke e cigarettes are good for you?

"In a report released in the Journal of Public Health Policy, Dr. Siegel (Boston University) states 'We conclude that electronic cigarettes show tremendous promise in the fight against tobacco-related morbidity and mortality. By dramatically expanding the potential for harm reduction strategies to achieve substantial health gains, they may fundamentally alter the tobacco harm reduction debate.' " World News Report Dec. 30, 2011

This is major news, people! It's exciting to read because let's face it… we all want to have our fun and do our bit of naughtiness, whatever that may be. Life is about striking a balance and a lot of the things we enjoy are not necessarily good for us. So how cool is it that we can find a better balance when it comes to enjoying our smokes? GreenSmoke is a great alternative way to smoke, plain and simple.


If you're an explorer, chances are you're going to go through a few starter kits out of curiousity. Green Smoke is a natural place to start on your journey, if for no other reason than to see what the buzz is about. Even if they don't end up being your main kit, they're great to have around since they will be everywhere before long.

New Starter Kits:

GreenSmoke has started 2012 with a bang! The good news is as of Jan 2012 they've just come out with a completely re-vamped starter kit! This means presumably they're taking into account customer response and/or complaint and made some positive changes. 

Here's a vid of celebs enjoying Green Smoke: [video]

To check out Green Smoke CLICK HERE or on any of the links to this krit. Use coupon code disc10-27564 for a 10% discount on purchases over $100

Date Reviewed: February 9, 2012, 11:33 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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