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Growing Organic
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Methods in this publication worked ....helped me grow my own raised bed organic garden...

I spent many days in the grocery store shopping for poor quality produce. One day I realized how important it is to eat healthy, feel good after meals, and not pay the outrageous cost of belonging to Organic Food Cooperatives. So I decided to grow my own raised beds. Now, I have all-natural organic vegetables and herbs growing in my small backyard and on the deck. There are some very simple easy to follow guidelines in making this venture fun and effective to improving my personal food consumption quality. And, now my wife doesn't even want to go out for dinner....a salad from the back yard always gets first pick.

This publication was the first I have read that covers all the basic concepts of gardening, storing food, cultivating seed all in one easy to read booklet. I used concepts to develop my starters seeds, set up lighting for indoor sprout starters, and tips on how to arrange my plants. I now have two 3ft X 10Ft raised beds that are 30 inches apart. My water source was easily setup from two rain barrels that come from a roof-downspout. This gives me 110 gallons for every 1/2 inch of rain to meet my watering requirements. I have trellises built to accompany cucumber vines and tomatoes. Additionally, I learned to build a simple compost bin from pumpkin crates and using a pallet with simple door hinges for a lid. This publication simplifies the organic garden concepts but also give you many great ideas on how to save money and expect great results.

Additionally the health benefits from growing my own organic garden is measurable. My energy have improved, skin complexion is also better. Each day I look forward to having energy and looking better. The work put into having my garden stems past just the concept of good diet, it has made me feel so much better about myself...and I have a higher respect for what should go into the soil. When you are eating from the same soil you are responsible to manage, it give you more insight on what can damage food, change the chemical content of the soil, and the importance of fresh water. Now I know why some vegetables are difficult to keep fresh without preservatives during shipping, I have a better understanding or how to feed the soil to feed the plant to feed the body. then give back the agents and minerals after the gardening season is over.

Using the concept of grows things together that taste well together (EX onions and peppers) helps the resistance to certain predators stay away from plants and stimulates healthy roots. This method eliminates any need to use harmful pesticides. Another trick that I have found to be effective is to cover plants with cheese-cloth during the early stages to prevent insects from causing plant damage. From using pine-needle mulch and organic compost, this publication has given me many ideas on how to improve my gardening experience.

Another idea that came from my initial desire to grow organic is the process of juicing raw fruit and vegetables, then saving the pulp for compost material. This has also improved my ability to eat and drink healthy while re-using the left-over produce. Also, while canning and freeze storing is another method introduced, it takes some extra time, money and practice. But overall, most concepts learned here has proven very useful and cost effective.

If there is one critique that is negative about this product, it would be that the publication is not yet offered as an E-Book. This will likely change in the near future. I would prefer to access this type on material on my NookBook.



Date Reviewed: July 16, 2012, 10:29 am
Reviewed by dxcSmartProducts
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