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It offers natural solutions to treat hemorrhoids, some of which you can make at home.


Many of the treatments are not scientifically proven to work; the book relies on personal stories and anecdotes to prove its treatments work.


While some of its treatments may help lessen hemorrhoids, H Miracle's cure-alls haven't been proven to work.

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H Miracle from Holly Hayden
H Miracle Review
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"H Miracle" by Holly Hayden - REVIEW

While health organizations such as the Mayo Clinic want you to use creams or surgery to treat hemorrhoids, article writer Holly Hayden says these options simply don't work--in fact, she claims it doesn't even treat the real issue.  Instead, what can cure it is a secret Chinese remedy, which Chinese herbalists have kept a secret for centuries.

She talks about this--and other tips for naturally banishing hemorrhoids--in her eBook H Miracle, the first of its kind to tackle this sensitive issue.

She says you'll experience positive results within days of using the methods in her eBook, and she has the proof in the form of testimonials that have repeated the same thing.

Here's what you need to know about H Miracle.

What is H Miracle?

H Miracle is an ebook written by writer (and former hemorrhoid sufferer) Holly Hayden, who simply was not satisfied with the treatment options for hemorrhoids.  The book was inspired by a personal event in which she developed a painful, bleeding hemorrhoid, which friends and family members urged her to treat with surgery or creams.  The thought of undergoing surgery paralyzed her with fear, which encouraged her to find alternative ways to treat it.  Unfortunately, those too failed, and she says 99% of these so-called natural treatments didn't make it better.  

But one day her father told her that his father--her grandfather--also suffered from the same problem but cured it without surgery or creams.  All he used was a remedy prescribed to him by a herbalist.

She decided to try this remedy for herself, and within three days the hemorrhoid was gone.  Just like magic.

Excited by this discovery, Hayden soon told all of her friends and family members.  They too tried it, with the same results--hemorrhoids gone within days of use.  This inspired her to write H Miracle, detailing the exact method she used to get rid of her hemorrhoids.

This is all contained in her 43 page eBook, which also comes with free bonuses, including the How to Ease Your Allergies eBook and eBooks about alternative and miracle therapies.

What H Miracle Contains

The H Miracle eBook is split into several chapters, all detailing the natural ways to deal with hemorrhoids.  Hayden gets to the secret right away, explaining that you need to buy several Chinese herbs, which, despite what she claims, are not always easy to find.  She says these herbs, when combined together, can help alleviate hemorrhoids, despite it lacking any definite scientific proof.

The book also emphasizes the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, such as focusing on foods that are less likely to cause hemorrhoids and using water and fiber to your advantage.  What she details isn't all that different from what you would see on a health website such as or

H Miracle ends by explaining why medicinal hemorrhoid products aren't as good as natural products, such as the ones she recommends in the book.

As a major criticism, H Miracle seems to focus on telling people that simply these remedies work without any proof--very little scientific evidence is given.  She also asserts that conventional treatments fare worse than alternative treatments, despite there being plenty of scientific evidence proving the contrary.

What the Customers are Saying

Despite the criticisms against the eBook, most customers seem pleased with the results.  Here's what some of them had to say:

"Not only did it cure my hemorrhoid problem in 3 days, they also give out a free mini course that taught me all about hemorrhoids.  I have made a few lifestyle changes to prevent the re-occurrence and it has worked wonders for me."

"I recommend H Miracle.  I suffered for quite some time with hemorrhoids and nothing worked."

However, one customer writes the following statement: "I bought it and the recipes were so confusing.  Unless you live in Chinatown, it will be very difficult to find the ingredients to get the job done.  I ended up using traditional treatments, which worked, and requested a refund through ClickBank, which was processed immediately."


While the all-natural approach is a nice twist for treating hemorrhoids, unfortunately, most of the advice lacks a great deal of scientific evidence.  Instead, what the eBook relies on is a heavy amount of personal and anecdotal information, which isn't necessarily proof something will work for everyone.  Does this mean H Miracle is bad?  Well, no--and in fact, some of its tips may be helpful for lessening hemorrhoids.  But a complete cure for them?  That seems a bit far-fetched.
Date Reviewed: February 29, 2012, 1:44 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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