HP Envy 17 3070 Laptop
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HP Envy 17 Laptop Review From: Hewlett Packard

Outstanding appearance, speed, battery life, options and performance.

Too much pre-loaded stuff for some folks and a heavy load to carry at 7 pounds, the HP Envy is not perfect. But it is not far...

This awesome laptop rates about as highly as I can imagine a laptop rating from me. The minor problems do not even begin to matter to me when I compare them with the great features of this laptop.

Can the HP Envy Stand Up Against the Mighty Mac?

One of the better known laptops around, the HP Envy 17 appears to be all that it is cracked up to be. Of all the laptops that I have seen in my search for perfection, the Envy has the best marriage of great sound, picture, size and performance. Though I am not exactly an HP guy, I can’t help but to respect this awesome computer and spread the word. If you want high performance in a laptop, you can do much worse than the Envy.

Generally beautiful design

When you look at the HP Envy, it will almost immediately strike you as being a Mac. While it clearly is not a Mac, it is quite gorgeous in its simplistic design. It comes in black or silver and sports an aluminum outer shell. This provides the laptop with a solid base to protect it and also gives it the classy look of a much more expensive model.

The keyboard is also quite attractive. The one thing that has always made me nuts with a laptop is the lack of backlit keys. I have owned several laptops over the years and never had the pleasure of this simple but extremely important feature. If you ever work or type at night then you know what I mean. All it would take is a single night of trying to type on a laptop with no light keys and you will understand why backlighting is so important. Best of all, when you step away the keyboard lowers the lighting to save on battery life. You can even manually adjust this lighting. I wish they would make this a standard for every laptop made.

If you want a huge screen in a small laptop, this is about as close as you are going to get. There is a mild trade-off here though. In exchange for a large 17.3 inch screen you get about 7 pounds of lugging weight to carry around. This is one heavy laptop if you happen to carry it around often. Imagine lugging it for long distances. On the bright side, the huge display is brilliant and crisp. Whether you are watching a Netflix movie or popping in your favorite DVD, you will be thrilled with the display and HD resolution. It will bring photo editing into a whole new arena with this display.

Uncommon sound in a laptop

Another huge plus to the HP Envy is the insane level of sound that comes from the laptop itself. It has something called “Beats Audio” and this is the real deal in sound. Every laptop I have ever owned left a ton to be desired in the audio department. Not the HP Envy…it has sound in spades. Not many laptops have six speakers and such a focus on audio. This feature alone makes the Envy a great buy if you listen to music much at all. Movies also take on a whole new level with this feature.

Loaded up with….stuff

The one thing I do not care for might actually be a plus to many people out there. This computer is loaded with extras and software that HP is known for. Not only do you get all the usual suspects, but you also have Adobe Photoshop and Elements preloaded on the computer. While this is awesome if you don’t have it and want it, it is not so good when you don’t care to have it. I personally like to build my own little computer package over time so I don’t have stuff I don’t need to slow the computer over time.

Internal goodies galore

This laptop has all the credentials to be considered a workhorse, including Windows 7 Home Edition and processing speeds of up to 2.2GHz. The Intel Core i7 processor is more than enough for this laptop and it certainly is easy to use. Every feature on this computer is very user friendly, and speed is not a problem in the least.

One of the coolest things about the HP Envy is the battery life. Seven hours is usually more than enough for one of my writing sessions, and this great little laptop gives you every bit of that. Sometimes you even get a bit more than seven hours depending on how you are using it.

The webcam is one of the better ones to come with a laptop and is in HD. The mic is built in and very clear for video chatting and other applications.

It comes with a standard DVD but you can easily turn it into a Blu-ray if you choose to go that route. You can connect via Wi-Fi and it has Bluetooth built in. There are plenty of USB ports and connections on the outside of the HP Envy, leaving you tons of options when you want to set up monitors or hook into your television.

The memory is also top notch. With 750GB of RAM, the HP Envy is capable of handling whatever you throw at it within reason. 8GB of RAM is enough for most any laptop. This should suffice for most people’s needs, but if you need more space it is rather easy to expand the memory.

What about customer service?

HP is not exactly my favorite company where customer service is concerned, but they have been getting high marks in the reviews that I have read lately. Perhaps they have turned over a new leaf and have this whole customer service thing down pat now. I certainly hope so. For now, I still have my doubts so that is still in the so/so column of the review per my own personal experiences with them. Perhaps the Hewlett Packard main office got wind of the complaints and they fixed them anyway.

Final Analysis

The HP Envy is certainly one of the better options on the market, and I would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a great laptop. It is one of the few things out there that is worth every penny, even at full price. Fortunately, you can find this great laptop at a discount sometimes now. Grab it if you can.

What do others have to say about the HP Envy 17?

Watching movies/videos on the 1080p screen looks beautiful. Viewing angles are very nice. -- Turkoid
I like the external volume control . It beats moving cursor around to adjust volume. -- robercik
It is smokin' fast for a laptop, and with an added SSD, this is unmatched for speed. For the quality of the product, this gets an EASY 5 stars. -- Eric O.

Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 4:50 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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