Compact Space-Saver Upright Freezer
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Haier Compact Space Saver Freezer Review From: Haier

A nice small, mini-freezer that is convenient for many different uses in the home or for travel.

The motor placement takes up what could be more freezer space.

This is not a great option for a large family like mine but for a travel freezer or for an apartment or smaller family, it's a good investment.

Consider the Haier Compact Space-Saver Upright Freezer

As a mom with a big family it would be nice to have a little freezer for extra storage for meats and other frozen foods. This is essential to me on some days as my kitchen gadgets and accessories.  We’ve been talking about how we need one for a long time now so I thought I would take a look at this Haier compact upright freezer.  While this freezer would be a bit small for my large family’s needs, it could be just the thing for those who live in an apartment and have a lack of space.  This would also be great for a dorm room where frozen pizzas and meals can be kept frozen until microwaved.  Because it is so compact, it could also be taken on camping trips so food does not go bad and stays fresh until needed.

What are Some of the Issues?

One of the biggest issues with this freezer is that there could be more storage space if the motor placement were better.  Instead of being located on the outside of the freezer, it is actually on the inside which limits the bottom shelf of the unit.  Also, the freezer when shipped typically shows up with some bangs and dents.  This is not because of the shipping company, but because there is no cushion including in the packaging.  It would be better if they at least put some shipping peanuts or encased the freezer in some foam to keep the unit safer while being shipped from the warehouse to the door.  Other than these two issues, there seems to be a lot to be happy about.

What People Will Love

One of the best things about this freezer is that it really does work well and keeps foods well frozen without adding in that horrible freezer burn that can be so damaging to meats and other foods.  It is frost free so there is no need to take all the food out to defrost it regularly which can be a pain for a college student who does not know how to do this or for a busy mom.  It also comes with a mini ice tray and a wire shelf that can be easily taken out for larger items when needed.  This is a huge bonus because of the extra space needed when getting prepared for Thanksgiving or Christmas when large turkeys or hams.  It will hole almost forty pounds of food while still only being less than two feet tall.

Product Features

  • Weight of Only 40 Pounds
  • Coated Wire Shelf
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Reversible Door
  • One Year Limited Warranty

One of the best features is the reversible door because there are times when it needs to be put in a spot where opening the door could be a problem.  Switching the door around only entails removing two bolts and reattaching them on the opposite side of the unit.  The adjustable thermostat is also handy because you want to be able to adjust the unit to fit your needs.  People who live in cooler places who have the freezer in a basement or garage would not need it to stay as if it were in a predominantly warm area.  This also allows the unit to be adjusted for certain food types.  You do not want your ice cream as cold as your frozen meats.  So, depending on what the freezer is used for, it can be set perfectly for it.


While I am not in a position to buy this myself, as it is too small for a large family, it would be a great little freezer for those in apartments, student dorm rooms or it can be easily taken along on camping trips.  When my older children head off to college, I would consider buying something like this for them if they plan on staying in a dorm room.  The price is very affordable and it has the space that is needed for quick meal storage.

What Others Think

Reviewer gave this model five stars and says, “When you're feeding a family of 5, an extra freezer is essential. I researched a lot of units before I settled on this one and overall I'm pretty happy with it. I would have liked a larger freezer but it was a good price for the size. The only issue I should mention is that the motor is actually in the bottom of the unit. The result is that it ended up taking a bit of space and reduced the available space in the freezer by more than I had anticipated.”
Soul to Steal also gave it five starts and adds, “I needed a small freezer for storing excess frozen blueberries from a bulk purchase so after researching different makes and models, I finally decided to purchase the Haier mini-freezer from Amazon. Amazon offered free shipping and the price of the unit was $20 cheaper than my local walmart and target. It was very good customer service for Fedex sending two employees to deliver the mini-freezer so it arrived in excellent condition even though the way the mini-freezer was packaged from Haier was the worst I've ever encountered. There was absolutely no foam or packing material to protect the unit and after cutting one plastic strap the card board box fell apart.”
Date Reviewed: May 26, 2012, 7:55 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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