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This product has a very low return rate through Clickbank. There is a lack of complaints on the Internet about it as well. It seems to be a solid service that delivers what it promises.


The price is thought to be a bit high and the features are fairly basic for VPNs.


Overall I think that hidePad is a quality service that seems to deliver on the promises that it makes. Not all products these days do that, so that is saying plenty. A lack of independent reviews on the Internet despite a very old product makes me unable to give it a higher rating at this time.

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hidePad (iPad VPN & Security Software) - FULL REVIEW

I remember the days when having a computer meant sitting down to a modem the size of my television and going portable meant standing up and walking around the room before returning to your work. Today you can take your computer with you in the palm of your hand. With iPads and iPhones, going portable is literal. You can go anywhere these days and still stay connected.

What is the danger in taking your iPad portable?

Along with that flexibility comes the heightened risk of being compromised. Your information can be stolen, hacked, or seen by any number of talented criminals. When you travel out in public and access hot-spots at cafes, libraries, eateries and so on, your information is particularly at risk. A product called hidePad is out there now that is supposed to protect you with "bullet proof security for your iPad" that you can acquire instantly. (For a monthly $8.99 fee of course)

What does hidePad say they can do for you?

This VPN purports to hide all your web activity no matter where you travel in the world. It provides total iPad protection with "NSA-standard, 128/256 bit encryption that even highly skilled hackers cannot decode." It says there is no downgrade in speed or performance and it also claims to be able to unblock websites. This sounds to me like any other VPN service that does the same things, but I have kept an open mind about the product as I researched it.

What does the Internet say about hidePad?

The first thing I notice when I start to dig on the company is that it has a ton of affiliates touting the product. It was nearly impossible to find independent reviews for this product and that was primarily due to the oceans of folks trying to make a commission on the product. While this is not necessarily a black mark, it did make writing this review kind of tough. When you can't find independent opinions on a product, you have to find alternative ways to verify the product.

As I dug a bit deeper, however, I found out that the hidePad is a pretty decent service overall, though it is a bit overpriced. There are VPN options out there that are cheaper and offer many more features. Still, I found absolutely no reviews that said that hidePad did not do what they claimed they could do. All the reviews focused instead on the lack of features and depth and the price being too high for what you are actually getting. These are important points, but again, hidePad purports to be a top level service where encryption is concerned. Nobody I found challenged that notion.

Another promising aspect of the hidePad service is that it has a virtually non-existent refund rate through ClickBank. ClickBank products are known for giving no-hassle refunds and despite that, hidePad has a less than 2 percent refund rate. That is fairly incredible for an older product like hidePad. That gives me confidence in the product as well.

Final Analysis

With the limited amount of reviews on the Internet that are truly unbiased, it was a challenge to get the low-down on this product. Despite that, hidePad has stood up under my vast researching skills. Every bit of information I found was positive with the exception of a high price and lack of features. People that buy VPN services don't need a ton of features. They are looking for protection. All accounts I was able to find said that hidePad does this and does it well.

Despite the lack of bad information about hidePad, there is also a bit of a lack of good as well. In other words, ninety-five percent of the reviews I found were affiliate reviews rather than independent ones. Certainly this is not a reason to dislike the product, but it is a bit curious. Perhaps those that bought the product were so satisfied that they never did bother commenting. One thing is for sure. If the product was a scam or did not work, it would be all over the Internet and that is not the case. It can be purchased here if you are inclined to buy it.
Date Reviewed: April 9, 2012, 2:06 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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