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Zach Browman has the 'alpha male' touch and it's easy to see his system working for him! Clearly presented, believable...

... but not necessarily transferable. That's down to you. Can you be come across as 'effortless'? Over hyped and too dependent on the individual.

Don't give up the day job (i.e. don't put all your 'love eggs' in this basket.

"High Status Humor" by Zach Browman - REVIEW

There is no doubt that if you can make a woman laugh then you are half way to making her like you.

Zach Browman takes this fact a step further: if you can make her laugh you can make her feel 'wild sexual attraction' for you. 

Even if you're not, 'tall, rich or good looking and even if you don't have a funny bone in your body.'

He calls it 'High Status Humor' which is entirely distinct from self-deprecating, 'nerdy' or cocky humor.

And Zach's High Status Humor program will teach you how to know the difference.

It will, according to Zach, give you the 'magic ability' to alway make woman 'laugh at will' not matter where you are or who you are talking to.

And this laughing is, the argument goes, intimately connected to the woman's emotions. If she associates you with laughter from the start then the mere thought of you will make her sexually excited. Because, apparently, women 'literally lose control when a man makes her laugh.'

Now I don't think anyone would argue that a sense of humor one of the top qualities that women look for in a man, so Zach is clearly on to something here. 

And his distinction between 'High Status' and 'Low Status' humor is also useful and interesting. 

High Status Humor projects confidence and sex appeal. It is 'alpha male' humor as opposed to goofy or clownish humor which projects insecurity and neediness.

High Status Humor comes over as effortless to the women, 'like having your finger on a remote control button so you can turn her on and off.'

If you're not careful about the kind of humor you use to engage women you'll come over as the 'funny friend' - i.e. the one women never even think of in a sexual way.

This series of videos and audio downloads give you a 'simple system' for creating the right kind of humor in any situation. They also illustrate the difference between attractive humor that 'women can't resist' and clown humor.

'Have her laughing before she even has time to think of rejecting you,' says Zach.

The system is a 3 step formula Zach created from watching naturally funny people: firstly there's observation (recognizing the humor in situations around you - you are given three questions to ask in any situation which will reveal the 'goldmine' of humor); secondly a 'formula' to turn this observation into amusing remarks; and thirdly delivery - facial expressions, body language, which are apparently, 'small and easy to change.' 

Combined with 'High Status' behavior, this adds up to the 'shock and awe of attracting women', but it must come over as spontaneous.

Now this might sound like hype; but there is some basis in the argument. Zach quotes from a study of 'Why women have sex' where many women agrees that the 'good feelings from the laughter led to other feelings.' And Marilyn Monroe agreed: 'If you can make a woman laugh you can make her do anything,' she said.

Zach takes these facts a step further, however, saying that women actually get addicted to the emotions they feel when you make them laugh, and that these feelings are nothing other than powerful chemicals in the brain. 'She'll crave your company and the sound of your voice just like a drug addict,' he says. He quotes the famous Pavlov's Dogs experiments, where dogs were trained to associated food with the sound of a bell and therefore would start salivating at the mere sound. 

Can your High Status jokes make a woman 'salivate' for sex?

Zach Browman thinks so. He says he has used the system to date hundreds of women. It is 'rejection proof' he says. And anyone can learn it.

For $97 you get access to the training videos, secure members area and audio downloads. 

So are there any guys out there using this system? Well I couldn't find any actual experiences, i.e. men using the 3-Step program. There are a couple of reviews of the product who agree that Zach is a 'great talker' coming over as very confident and smooth. So the content of the program is well presented, easy to understand, the basic concepts come over well and he is likeable. 

You can get your own impressions by checking out the You Tube videos of Zach.

However the system is over-hyped (eg Zach says that only a 'limited' number of guys in each region will be able to buy it, so that his method does not become 'over used'); and the claims that women become 'overwhelmed with excitement' are hard to believe without more evidence from purchasers of the system.

But as I said before, he is on to something. Women can't reject you if you're making them laugh. Women do choose guys who make them feel good. 

So if you think this is the way forward for you then this maybe a helpful product.

But remember - if women see through the 'formula' - you're hooped!
Date Reviewed: April 11, 2012, 2:05 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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