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None. The online consensus is that this is a scam


No proven working machines, not possible to build one from blueprints. Science behind ideas not generally agreed.


Check the forums for progress by green energy enthusiasts but do not buy plans

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HoJo Motor Review
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HoJo Motor (DIY Free Energy Device) REVIEW - Is this for real?

Free energy in your home, cabin or on the move?

Can it really be true?

The promotors of the HoJo Motor say so.

'Produce free electricity for your home and appliances in just 48 hours with the Howard Johnson Motor,' they say.

The website will sell you plans for 'the only free energy device in the World.' Invented by Howard Johnson in the 1970s (hence the name HoJo), the device holds three US Patents. 

Learn how to produce your own electricity at home. All you have to do is follow the 'simple' instructions in the manual and you can have your own HoJo motor built in 2 days. 

What a fabulous idea!

Less of your hard-earned cash goes to the high-polluting energy companies and the device produces clean, carbon-free electricity that is safe and environmentally friendly.

Mobile energy you can take anywhere, is the claim. 

This is no complicated wind turbine or expensive solar panel, say the promotors. The parts are inexpensive and can be bought at any hardware store for 'around $100.'

It is completely weatherproof and safe around children and pets. 

So why haven't we heard about this miraculous device? Because the energy companies don't want this technology to reach the public, say the promotors of the plans. 

The device works using magnets, magnetic force and perpetual motion, and an early version was featured in Science and Mechanics magazine. Howard Johnson called the process 'producing energy from the vacuum' and the plans sold via this website include his original blueprints.

The handbook, which costs $49.97 is now available to the public and includes a 'simplified version' that 'anyone can build.'

They also publish a link to the US Patent and Trademark office, scans of the patents and the patent numbers.

'I have been trying to build a “free energy” zero point generator for years and finally your guide taught me how!' said one endorsement on the HoJo motor website.

'I’ll be totally honest and say I was a tad skeptical,' says another. 'In 2 weekends I made a working motor that’s been producing enough electricity to power almost everything in our cabin!'

So what are the independent reports on this amazing-sounding machine?

Well, as you can imagine, there are plenty of people interested, in fact there are whole forums and threads dedicated to discussing Howard Johnson's plans and claims.

People really want it to work... but unfortunately the blunt truth is that no one has been successful so far.

'As of September 2007,' says one forum thread, 'we do not know of anyone who has successfully replicated one of these motors, though many have tried, and many are presently making an attempt.'

Others have checked out the blueprints and say they are, 'not adequate. There is not yet sufficient information here to build a working device.'

The science behind the idea is also much-discussed, and much-dismissed: 'The behavior of permanent magnets is well known,' says one commentator. 'And also well studied, and does not generate energy in any way shape or form.'

But people still try.

In 2003 one green-energy enthusiast got his device running for 20 minutes and 'looked forward to good things' but there were no further communications on the forum from him.

Another claimed to have made a mini HoJo, 'which works and lights a halogen headlight bulb.'

And the forums agree that Howard Johnson was a brilliant inventor. However his technologies were experimental and his test rigs were 'not ready to power a home, an appliance, or even a very light load like a light bulb.'

So what about that US patent? I hear you ask. Well again, many interested people have investigated that claim. They say that the patent was 'couched in ambiguous language, with lots of impressive drawings' and that it was not for a free energy device, only a perpetual motion machine, using 'unknown physics'.

Clearly there is still interest in Howard Johnson's ideas, and an active discussion list of interested parties exists online.

But no one is yet (sadly) saying that it is possible to build a device to create free energy device in your home.

Date Reviewed: February 9, 2012, 11:32 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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