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Great starting point for online work Cheap Money Back Guarantee


You could find all this for free somewhere but you will have to weed through a lot of garbage. You aren't guaranteed anything. If you aren't skilled with English, you might have problems.


This would be a good starting point if you don't know where else to find a good source of online work. It's cheap so you aren't investing much and there should be less competition here than on other sites.

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Home Job Stop from Homejobstop
HomeJobStop Review
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HomeJobStop sounds like a pretty interesting opportunity, especially for those hit hard by the economic slump many countries are experiencing in 2012 and the past few years. This website promises you access to all kinds of interesting work at home opportunities such as: business, clerical customer service, engineering, programming finance, graphic art, human resources, sales, transcription, web design and writing. 

The big questions here will be pretty basic. Where do these jobs come from? Who is offering them? Are they legit? Do they actually pay? That's what we're going to try to figure out in this review. Let's start with the features of Home Job Stop first.

Access To The HomeJobStop Job Bank

This is the heart of this website and it features many jobs from a pretty large pool of potential employers. I asked to take a peek at it and the site administrator gave me a 24 hour pass. I was quite shocked to find it had quite a lot of opportunities. I've worked at home exclusively since 2006 so to see some of their employers makes me pretty happy. This actually proves to me you can access jobs here that aren't listed all over the Internet on sites like Freelancer and Craigslist. Some, however, did look a little like those jobs. They say they verify each ad individually so that's a plus. 

HomeJobStop E-mail Updates

This seems like it should come with the above but it's offered separately. I assume this is because if you've ever signed up for any kind of "online job" newsletter, you quickly fill up your inbox with crap. This option is only $1/month and is optional. If you're just starting to get into this, I'd add this to the Job Bank access for sure.

HomeJobStop Full Membership

This is basically the two above rolled into one. I don't see why you wouldn't take this option at first. You get a nice bundle discount too. Total price is $24 and it says it's "Lifetime Membership" so I think that means no hidden sneaky fees. I could be wrong there. Since this company uses Clickbank as their payment system you can easily get a refund which is a pretty nice touch. A lot of companies won't offer a refund whatsoever but that's one of the nice things about this system.

What Other People Think Of HomeJobStop

Anonymous (ehomebusinessreviews)

" does not have any paid adverts listed on it, something that makes it unique and credible. The membership fee that you pay is for making a list of tested jobs available to you. However, an important point to keep in mind is that only lists jobs but offers little direction on how to go about the actual tasks."

John D (Yahoo! Answers)

"The one time fee does not guarantee you any work. It gives you a list of companies that may need work and has ads with lots of competition..."

The Bottom Line

This review hits close to home because everyone does have to start somewhere and most of the sites I started my online work with have shut down or are a pain in the butt to use due to so much competition. People are pretty cheap so I imagine the amount of competition here is less than what you'd find somewhere else. Go look at any job on Freelancer to see horrible competition in action and you might consider HomeJobStop. It's worth a shot if you don't know where else to look or you're unsure where you feel comfortable in the online workplace. There are no ads or scams and the moderators there seem to really work hard to make sure not a lot of garbage slips through.

Worse case scenario? You'll learn some valuable skills to start your own business or land a private client who pays well. 
Date Reviewed: February 21, 2012, 6:53 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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