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24/7 international toll free phone support, all in-house, solid foundation, several options for growing ebusinesses


not the richest kid on the block but most upstanding


Hostrocket takes pride in delivering quality hosting and they have a foundation to be proud of

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Hostrocket Running A Business They Can Be Proud Of
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Hostrocket Review- Running a business they can be proud of

As an entrepreneur, I draw inspiration from companies and people who are self-made. In my opinion, if you start out assuming that level of risk, remain accountable  and develop your business organically there is a level of integrity in the system that honors what the American dream is all about. 

This is the story behind Hostrocket from their website:

"Since the company was founded in 1999, it has experienced an incredible amount of consistent growth. Without utilizing venture capital, funds from outside investors, or bank financing, HostRocket has grown tremendously while being entirely debt-free. With a positive cash flow and a high level of profitability, you can depend on HostRocket to be here for decades to come. Many times, when you choose a web hosting provider, you are actually placing the fate of your online business in the hands of a company owned partially or wholly by profit hungry investors. As a HostRocket customer, you can be assured that your site is completely in the hands of the people you interact with every day, the talented HostRocket team."

Personally, that's my kind of company, whether bricks and mortar or e business. I'm not aware of another high quality hosting company with that kind of history. Hostrocket shows a level of integrity making it the type of company that merits doing business with. Especially in today's world I find it more and more impressive when a company manages to grow at a healthy rate while staying self-contained. Creating their own eco-system which is thriving and independent. It's what we all want to achieve with our own businesses. So it's inspiring to see a company develop in that way. It's a reminder that's possible and it's a kind of torch bearer... a standard we can all aspire to with our own developing businesses.

But are the quality and power there?

Hostrocket is based in NY's tech valley (ranked among Forbes magazine's top 20 places to do business in America) and they own their high quality datacenter, which is 10,000 sq feet + with room to grow to double it's current size. This means everything can be resolved in house as opposed to other web hosting competitors that are co-located and form "alliances" with other companies. Those alliances can translate to a longer wait for the resolution to your technical problem because the answer is often one step removed. Ultimately being self reliant translates to faster service and more reliability from Hostrocket which means faster service and more reliability for your e business and your online consumer.

I did due diligence and checked out scamchecker and ripoff report but couldn't come up with anything on them. There were a few gripes in the forums but that's to be expected with any hosting company. Nothing that raised concerns.

Regarding their customer support they are consistently highly ranked from customers expressing satisfaction with all 3 ways of connecting, via 24/7 phone support with national and international toll free numbers, via email and on an active forum.

Hostrocket's Features:

Here are just a few of the features that make Hostrocket stand out: 99.5% uptime, cPanel, moneyback guarantee(!), unlimited storage space (awesome!), unlimited domains and subdomains, unlimited databases and FTP accounts, streaming audio video capabilities and easy installs of wordpress, drupal, joomla, cubecart, zen cart, etc.

They have a great Biennial plan for $5.99/mo. with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, websites and email accounts plus a 30 day money back guarantee. Click here for their basic web hosting options.

They also offer several options for your ebusiness as it grows, including Reseller VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting. Click here to check out these more advanced options.

Date Reviewed: January 9, 2012, 8:39 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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