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The newsletter is free, and there is nothing to lose.

Stock tips and alerts may be compensated, which can be risky for your hard-earned money.

A compensated stock newsletter may do more harm than good, unless you exercise independent analysis and judgment. Subscribe to it only if you cannot resist a free tool, however biased.

HotOTC Penny Stocks - Just another pump & dump? Here's the scoop...

Penny stocks by their very nature do not enjoy strong fundamentals – that is why they are available for pennies in the first place. Therefore, trading in penny stocks is usually done on momentum and trade news. It is important to remember that penny stocks have a tendency to sink as rapidly as their tendency to shoot upward. HotOtc Penny Stocks Newsletter offers daily tips to trade in penny stocks to make a quick buck.

Daily Signals on Penny Stocks Movement

HotOtc newsletter offers you daily signals on penny stocks displaying any unusual penny stocks activity in the market. A timely tip on unusual selling or buying trends in a particular penny stock can be useful information for a penny stock trader to buy or exit the stock.

The newsletter provides stock chart pattern recognition to clearly display the movement in a particular penny stock. It also provides information on specific penny stocks that are being promoted, Initial Public Offerings, early breakouts, and FDA approvals.

High Client Retention website does not provide hard facts and data about their rate of success with stock trading tips for their customers. This would be tough to do in this market because investing in penny stocks is not really investing, it is more like gambling. Penny stocks are naturally volatile, they do not have a track record, they have not proved themselves yet, and so a company that concentrates on them may not want to reveal any success rate figures. However and furthermore, the company’s claim to fame is a fairly high client retention rate and this in some ways is the best marker in terms of information they provide to their customers. Just consider how competitive this arena is.

HotOtc Penny Stock Newsletter currently boasts of an impressive 85,000+ opt-in email subscriber base. This number makes HotOtc one of the more sought after penny stock promoters in the market.

Other Benefits

In addition to “3 Daily Top Picks” among Penny Stocks for its newsletter subscribers, HotOtc provides weekly reports on emerging growth companies that may hold a lot of promise for the future. The company’s website also provides a Penny Stock Guide to advise new penny stock investors on how to trade in these stocks. The Penny Stock blog offers useful information, which is available free to anyone on the website.

Free e-Newsletter

An email subscription to HotOtc Penny Stock Newsletter is free. This is made possible because the company usually receives compensation for its stock picks and stock alerts which are distributed free to all email subscribers. Such tips and alerts may occasionally cause some penny stocks to gap-up during pre-market trading.

Stock investors need to exercise caution and be fully aware that many of the stock tips may suffer from bias one way or the other. Lack of objectivity makes HotOtc Penny Stock Newsletter a risky proposition, so take its advice with a pinch of salt.

What Others are Saying

Customers largely have a low opinion of the HotOtc Penny Stock Newsletter. Some customers who have subscribed to the newsletter for several months or a year point out that the newsletter mostly promotes junk stocks and dumps it on the new buyers. Customers have little trust in the newsletter’s stock tips because it is compensated.  Most seem to feel there are better options our there in the penny stock arena.

Date Reviewed: October 28, 2011, 4:42 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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