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Well established site with multiple users and worldwide house sits. Good endorsements from both sitters and homeowners Free for homeowners


Sitting opportunities are highly sought after


Excellent service in a growing business.

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What would you do with your home if you had an opportunity to work or travel abroad?

It's all work: packing, forwarding mail, storage, gardeners, finding or paying someone to look after your pets.

And risk: crime, storm damage, break-ins.

HouseCarers can help. 'Secure your home with a trusted housesitter,' they say.

Even if you are only going away for a shorter holiday, you can place a free confidential advertisement and HouseCarers will forward all responses from qualified candidates, using their automated matching system.

It's a popular trend and HouseCarers are experts. For over ten years they have guided both homeowners and housesitters through the process and made many successful matches. 

Housesitters register on the site and list their preferences. All communication is managed through a confidential message system. 'We bring peace of mind closer to home,' HouseCarers say. The website includes a blog and FAQ page with free guides on selecting sitters and managing the house sit.

And the service is free for homeowners. You remain anonymous during the selection process and are forwarded details of sitters registered in your area, giving you a chance to browse their profiles and select the right sitter for your needs.

And if you are attracted to the idea of house sitting itself; then HouseCarers is a leader in the business. 

They list opportunities for sitting in the US and around the world, so if, for example, you are considering house sitting as part of your travel plans, you can search for assignments in your chosen location.

Membership for aspiring housesitters is $50 for 12 months listing. You create a profile with up to 30 lines, plus headlines, multiple locations and other criteria. There are sample ads available to help you and you can update your profile whenever you like.

And some housesitters have created an attractive lifestyle out of looking after other peoples' homes - especially if you are prepared to move around. 'There is a real need out there for house-sitters to do the normal holiday length sits,' said one experienced couple. 

'Never rent again!' they continue.

Homeowners are keen not to disrupt or distress their beloved animals by putting them in catteries and kennels so a fondness for and understanding of pets will get you a long way. 

And the endorsements for both aspects of the service are good.

'We have also found your website and methods to be the most efficient and reasonably priced,' said one house sitting couple.  'Keep up the good work.  We always recommend you.'

'I have found your site incredibly effective,' said another. 'This allows us to live a nomadic lifestyle as well as contributing through caring for someone else's possessions and pets.'

And the homeowners are appreciative.

'I find the home owners are so grateful and accommodating is a reciprocal arrangement that benefits both parties.'

House sitters can register for free initially, and be notified of opportunities. However if you wish to apply for any of these opportunities you need to become a member. 

'I was moving to a new city,' said one user. 'I was able to live rent free for 3 months while looking around for a place to buy.'

And house sitting itself is quite a competitive area - getting the assignment is the hard bit, said one user of the service, so a bigger, well established site means more potential business.

And the size and longevity of HouseCarers benefits homeowners too. 

'It's a free site with lots of people advertising so there's a good range to choose from,' said one homeowner.

And you get plenty of detail on the person who will, potentially, be playing with Fido and trimming your rose bushes: 'The information in the search results includes their age, occupation, and availability,' said one reviewer. 'Many of the house sitters on HouseCarers are trusted professionals. For example, my search returned a college professor, social worker, computer consultant, and an office manager.'

Better than an empty house and your pets pining away in a cage for a fortnight, anyday!
Date Reviewed: February 3, 2012, 2:34 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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