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Tons of awesome bonuses make the price a no-brainer. Good reviews are all over the web with very little complaints. The product has a rock solid 60 day money back guarantee.


The product requires plenty of practice and is no magic bullet. It may be a bit broad in scope.


While the product seems to be solid online, the claims seem a bit over the top in comparison to what is found online. Still, very few complaints and plenty of compliments makes this an easy product to endorse and believe in.

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How to Break 80 from Jack Moorehouse
How To Break 80 Review
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"How to Break 80" by Jack Moorehouse - FULL REVIEW

When it comes to golfing programs, big time claims are a given. If all the claims were true, then every one of us would shoot in the sixties and the courses would have to be extended every year. The simple truth is that most golfing programs are pretty darn terrible. It also appears that the wilder the claims are, the worse the program is on close inspection.

For these reasons, I was highly suspicious of the program How to Break 80 by Jack Moorehouse. Right at the top of the splash page he claims that in one hour he can shave at least seven strokes off your game and add 50 to 70 yards off the tee.

These are awfully strong claims for someone that is not instructing you in person, but I was willing to dig a bit to get the truth.

What is the story behind How to Break 80?

The story of how the program came to be is a bit funny. Essentially, old Jack used to be a poor golfer like me. He shot in the triple digits for a long time. Then he decided to start studying the mechanics and basics and got better. But then, he did something magical…

He took lessons from a golf pro. That is right. He paid for some lessons and learned some simple adjustments that exploded his game into the 70s. With these “insider secrets” he became the golfer he always thought he could be.

Everything came together and he turned these lessons into an 80 page guide…just for us.

All of this begs the question… who was this pro and is he getting a cut of the profits for How to Break 80? Anyways, that is the basic premise behind the program.

What does the research say?

There are a whole gaggle of websites out there that all claim this program is a wonderful addition to their golfing repertoire. Many of them come across as paid reviews, but others seem to seriously find value in the program.

The research says that the program is easy to read, easy to implement and effective right away. I found plenty of people claiming to have shaved huge amounts of strokes, but I take that with a grain of salt. (We all know how those golfers talk…)

The only way we are going to be certain of a program like this is to get out there and try to the various tips and tricks. This is not a piece of equipment or special trick. It is really all about your willingness to take the lessons and implement them. To that end, the tips are only as good as you make them. Those that have done so report great results.

More importantly, I found virtually no complaints about the program. That is extremely rare when it comes to a golfing program. There are a number of reasons why I think that no complaints seem to be surfacing.

A great bonus program helps

One reason for the happy consumers is the incredible amount of information and material you get. I was impressed with the value you get for only $37. You get several bonuses in addition to the program itself also. One of those bonuses I own myself and can personally attest to. It is called “25 Lessons to Improve Your Game Immediately” and it is worth its weight in golfing gold. I have used that book extensively.

You also get a bonus guide from the well-known Mike Pederson and an awesome software program that tracks your golfing progress. To me, the bonuses are as valuable as the program itself making the guide a great deal.

Either way, you are covered with a 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product.


Though I am still a little skeptical of the claim that Moorehouse can shave seven strokes and add 70 yards to my game in only one hour, I do believe that the program is clearly worth the money.

With the combination of the outstanding bonuses being worth the asking price and the solid 60 day money back guarantee, there is no reason that you should not give this program a try… particularly if you are struggling in your game. (Aren’t we all?)
Date Reviewed: March 12, 2012, 12:26 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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