Hoyt GMX 25" Riser & Hoyt 990TX Limbs
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Hoyt GMX Riser With 990tx Limbs From: Hoyt Archery

Amazing quality, HOYT Warranty, Smooth shooting

Pricey, Can be noisy at certain brace heights

A definite must have for any competitive archer

Hoyt GMX Olympic Recurve Bow and 990TX Limbs - Full Review

After the catastrophic failure of my SF Archery Premium riser I was in the market for a new Recurve target bow. With so many options to choose from and prices varying from $100-$800 for risers - this task was a long process.

Many hours of research later I had settled on Hoyt as the manufacturer, now to choose a riser. The hardest part in this step is whether or not to go with the Formula series or standard ILF limbs.  The major difference is that the GMX  and the Formula are the way that the limbs attach to the riser.

- Proprietary Hoyt mounting system.

GMX - Standard ILF mounting system.

There are pros and cons to each system
The Formula system is the latest in recurve bow technology but you are limited to using only formula style limbs on your riser. Where the ILF system is the universal standard of mounting the limbs to the riser. With this method you are able to use any manufacturer's limbs with the ILF system on your riser.

What is the benefit of ILF

For new archers that are working their way up in draw weight and are interested in trying out different limb types, I would highly recommend to stay with this system over a proprietary one. If you are a member of club like I am you can swap limbs with other members and try out different styles such as wood laminate, foam core, carbon fibre etc. also different draw weights.

I am currently shooting at 40lbs with the 990TX Limbs from Hoyt ( I will get into those later in the review).

Riser and Limbs first impressions

I cannot say enough about the quality of Hoyt products - upon opening the packages each item is in it's own individual canvas carrying case. As trivial as this seems - it really projects the attention to detail and quality taken by the manufacturer.

The riser (gloss black in color) is perfect, the new floating head mounting caps for the limbs eliminates the uneven wear on the limb mounting point that occurs with a solid limb bolt cap. When making adjustments to the limb weight and tiller of the bow these floating caps ensure that the entire cap is flat on the limb.

The limb pockets are smooth and lock in the limbs very effectively - the tiller bolts are of high grade steel unlike those of the my previous bow. Left/Right adjustment on the limbs is easily accomplished using the anchor for the limb locking pin.

I opted for the Hoyt 40# 990TX limbs and therefor had no need to make any adjustments to the tiller or left right on the riser to achieve my desired bow setup.

The 990 limbs are a thing of beauty, foam core laminated in Carbon Fiber with a high gloss finish. They are individually packaged in canvas bags which protect them both in shipping and transporting from home to the range.

Performance & Shooting Quality

Let me start by saying that no bow will automatically make you shoot lower scores! However having quality equipment will give you more confidence at the range (assuming that you have good shooting form).

The wood grip and riser weight feel very comfortable and do help in maintaining a proper grip on the bow. The limbs really do make this setup what it is. There is no stacking during draw, just a smooth draw all the way out to my 29" draw weight. The draw is so very linear that it actually feels like you are drawing less weight than the marked limb weight.

After release the limbs have a resounding "thwack" with very little vibration. My only complaint about the limbs is that they are VERY finicky about brace height. My bow is a 25" Riser, 68" Overall length and I draw at 29" (40lbs).

On my setup the bow is very quiet at 8 7/8" Brace height but the grouping are far tighter at 8 3/4" Brace height - however the lower brace height does make the bow a little noisier at release.

At least for my setup I basically live with the added noise in favor of tighter grouping at the target.

Shooting of the Hoyt GMX Setup
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My Setup
HOYT GMX 25" Gloss Black riser
HOYT 990tx Foam/CF 40# Limbs
Shibuya Ultima Carbon Sight
Supra 452x 3 color string
AAE Arrow Rest
Shibuya DX Plunger
Beiter Clicker
SF Carbon Stabilizers

Easton - ACE Arrows

The GMX riser has a price tag of approx. $600USD and so do the limbs so at a combined price of around $1200USD this is not a cheap setup. With that said though this is a bow that will last you for years to come - the quality is top notch and you will not feel the need to upgrade any time soon.

Even if you are a tournament shooter you will still be able to use this combo through your tournament shooting.

If you are looking to get into competitive archery and are looking for a great bow then this is the setup to opt for.

Date Reviewed: August 22, 2012, 11:48 am
Reviewed by Matthew Chitty
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