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Great features from a trusted name in the business.


The screen is a bit small.


All in all, this is a fantastic Humminbird with all the bells and whistles you want and need as a fisherman.

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Humminbird 407920-1 Fishfinder 597ci HD GPS Combo from Humminbird
Humminbird 407920 1 Review
Lisa Mason rates this 4.5/5
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REVIEW: Humminbird 407920-1 Fishfinder GPS

One of my favorite hobbies is fishing and there is nothing better than getting in a boat and heading out to the waters to catch dinner for the night. One of the things I have been considering purchasing is a fish finder to make the process faster. I hate going home without anything to eat for dinner and stopping at the store after a day of fishing is not my idea of fun. So I started looking at the different fish finders on the market and came across the Humminbird 407920-1 Fishfinder GPS and decided to get more information on it.

What I am looking for a great fish finder that also tells me where the rocks and submerged trunks are because many of the fish I want to land can be found hanging around these areas even if they do not show up on the finder. So I need a great graphic screen that actually maps our all the locations Iím fishing. So can the Humminbird 407920-1 Fishfinder GPS offer me everything that Iím looking for while still finding the fish as well? This seems to have all of the bells and whistles that Iím looking for but with a price thatís over five hundred dollars, it better show me each and every fish in the watere. So, is this fish finder worth the high price tag and is it worth it to dig a little deeper to see what else it offers?

Letís take a look at what it has to offer.

Product Details

  • A Clear 5Ē Full Color Display
  • 50 Channels
  • SD Card Slot to Either Save Locations or Load Maps
  • Can be Mounted or Unmounted
  • Dual Beam Sonar

After digging a bit deeper, I found that there is a split screen that can be used to show two different aspects of the area that is being fished.† Now, with a five inch screen, this means that both views are a bit small so Iím not sure Iíd ever use that feature but it is nice to know itís possible.† It seems as though this unit does find the fish and does map the larger lakes quite well.

Why You Need it

If you want to find the fish in the big lakes, then this is definitely the fish finder for you.† While the price is a little on the high side, the time saved locating schools of fish is more than worth it when you think of the hours that are spent without a fish finder using the cast, reel in and move on method that I usually employ.† The unit is quite easy to mount and the mounting hardware is not difficult to install on just about any boat though some may cringe at drilling holes for the mount.† With the added feature of the SD card slot, loading up maps from online is not difficult and only takes a second or two.†

What Can Be Improved Upon

In my opinion, the screen could be larger.† While five inches may seem big when youíre talking about a cell phone, for a fish finder, it is on the small size.† The price tag is also a bit a high but if you do a lot of fishing, then it can be well worth it for you.† Also, the mapping is not as great on smaller lakes and ponds as it is on the bigger lakes.† This is unfortunate for me as I do enjoy the peace that a small lake has to offer and the lack of water traffic that comes with smaller lakes.

What People Are Saying

Dcarter50 says, ďEasy to install, works well on calm waters. The built in maps for coastal waters are pretty vauge. I guess I will buy the chip to improve the mapsÖ

R.Bell says, ďThis was an excellent product and was what I was looking for. It works great! It makes fishing more enjoyable and easier.Ē


Overall this is a handy little fish finder and it does the job well but not great.† The price is in the higher level but the avid fishermen are used to spending in order to get the fish that they want.† I am seriously considering purchasing this fish finder and probably will before I get out on the lake again.
Date Reviewed: April 23, 2012, 8:58 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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