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The ultimate in portability. Great for recreational use, good customer service, good resolution.


Loses signal under certain conditions, some complaints over range and failure of individual units.


Perfect for families, vacations and kids!

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Humminbird SmartCast RF35 Fishfinder from Humminbird
Humminbird SmartCast RF35 Review
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REVIEW: Humminbird SmartCast RF35 Fishfinder Wrist-Watch

Need a new watch?

Been thinking of a fishfinder to take with you on holiday - for lazy mornings fishing off the dock or when you're out in your kayak or fishboat?

Why not combine to two?

Believe it or not the Humminbird SmartCast RF35 Wrist Mount Waterproof Fishfinder will actually help you find the fish... and it'll tell you the time too so you're not late back for lunch.

(That is if you've caught lunch yet...)

For $78.39 this wrist-mounted fishfinder features 1.25-inch high-visibility display with 48 x 32 pixels of resolution. It has a built in sonar sensor with 150-foot remote operating range and 120-foot depth capability; one-touch menu navigation and waterproof design with wet switch technology that saves battery life
Designed for the recreational angler, this fishfinder may be small but it has great functionality. 

Wrist-mounted sonar, for example (you can't get much more portable than that...) and grayscale imaging that 'delivers clearly better images of the bottom, fish and structure' along with backlit display for viewing during fading light.

The system is designed to be waterproof, and has a 150-foot operating range so you can 'easily travel around without losing your signal.'

The remote sonar system typically lasts for 500 hours of in-the-water usage, and replacements are available on the manufacturer's web site and major outdoor retailers.

For those who like to travel light and go fishing anywhere and everywhere, this system is the perfect companion.' say the manufacturers.

For the price this sounds like a lovely little device... so lets see what the customers have to say.

Pretty happy, overall.

'Sure is nice to be able to see contours of a lake,' said one. 'As well as know if fish are in the area.'

'I've now had this little guy for a year and with the exception of the green transducer dying in the first week (replaced immediately by Humminbird), it works like a charm. It's been in both fresh and salt water repeatedly without a hiccup. I've had it in as much as 60 feet with fairly good resolution, discerning between weeds, rocks and fish well for the price. Great little unit for the money, for sure-especially if you have a kayak like me. You won't be disappointed.'

Although users do report that the unit doesn't function as well in very shallow water. 'It lists 2 feet as the minumum but even depths of 3 feet and a bit more seem to confuse it, giving false returns,' said a customer.  

'Although the Fish ID might not be perfect you at least know that if nothing is showing on the screen at all to move somewhere else,' said another.

And it will keep gadget-crazy kids happy out on the water too!

'A great addition to my fishing gear. My boys (8, 5 and 3) usually get bored too quickly but with this attached they are fascinated with the display and will sit and fish with me longer,' said one satisfied dad.

'It is a great tool when crappie fishing from the dock,' said another, 'and we've even used it in a slow drift for catfish with it attached to the boat, works great as long as the drift is slow or we're anchored.'

The only downsides with the product were that it sometimes loses connection with the signal (eg if you pull too fast - 'give yourself time to get used to the speed' - advised one angler); and that it only works within 10' of the shore/boat, and loses connection after that. 'It works,' said one reviewers, 'but you could never use it at the end of a fishing line like it says. More than 10 feet away from the receiver and it loses its connection.'

But for a gadget 'compact enough to carry in your tackle box' it 'shows fish and structure' well.

Good reports of customer service, too. 'Their return center's management representative was courteous and quickly took care of problem,' said one buyer.

And another advised buyers to, 'Read the directions thoroughly and play with it before you really are in your fishing mood as it takes awhile to figure out. Change channels if you don't pick up a signal right away.'

Perfect for people who don't want to have to put a transducer on their boat. 

'I wish there was a way to replace the battery without buying the complete transducer,' said one customer. 'Although $25 is not that bad,' he added.

A few people reported issues with their individual units, complaining that 'the range on these fish finders were not as advertised.'

But many people, 'absolutely love it' 

For the price of a decent watch, you can't really argue with that.
Date Reviewed: April 23, 2012, 11:32 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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