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Good price, some good features - eg tracking social network activities.


Problems with the program being classed as spyware or malware, technical support is 'very weak'


Fine if you are comfortable with downloading and installing software but if you prefer good support then this program is not for you.

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I am Big Brother software 4 parents from software4parents
I Am Big Brother Review
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Full Review of "IAmBigBrother" (Parental Internet Control Software)

Once upon a time you would have been a happy parent if your child was quietly playing or working in their bedroom; reading perhaps, or making something.

Now, you can't help but wonder what they're up to on their computers and tablets.

That big wonderful world of the internet is just a little bit too big and many concerned parents would like to track their child's use of the web.

Now of course there are some common sense measures you can take before resorting to technology: telling your child to never reveal names, addresses, phone numbers; talk to them about what they do online; monitoring your child's screen name (anonymous is best) and encouraging computer use in communal areas.

But technology can protect your child, too. Monitoring software gives you, the responsible parent, the ability to check your child's internet usage - a quick scan will give you an idea if they're making smart choices. 

I Am Big Brother, 'records everything they do on the internet.'

And this doesn't mean a big red flag appears on their screen saying 'Big Brother is Watching You' - the monitoring can be done in secret.

The 'I Am Big Brother' software can secretly record all Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Email including web-based email such as Yahoo and Hotmail. 

Plus the software logs all websites visited, captures screen shots and records incoming messages - particularly useful if you are worried about who your child may be talking to online. According to I am Big Brother 1 out of 4 children have been sent pictures of people who were naked or having sex.

You'll instantly notice when a stranger enters that harmless chat between schoolfriends. 

'Best priced yet full featured monitoring software' say the promotors; with the ability to capture all passwords, and record messaging, emailing and social networking.

The software works in total secrecy, cannot be bypassed or detected by your child and will not slow down the computer.

'We record more than anyone!' they say.

I Am Big Brother does not appear in the START menu, nor will it appear in the CTRL-ALT-DEL Task Manager.

But is it difficult to operate? And what if I am away from home a lot and still want to keep any eye on what my child is doing?

Well, I Am Big Brother promise free email based technical support and also sell more expensive products with live phone support. 

And the company has - an an extra cost - the facility for remote monitoring, where you get emailed the information on your child's internet use if you're away from home.
The basic package costs $29.95. 
So what is the word on the cyber-streets about this software?

Well there have been a few problems reported. The program is regarded as malware/spyware by many antispyware programs which means it WILL slow the computer down.

'The company claims that the program will not slow down the computer,' said one customer. 'But that was not the case. When I type, every 3 seconds it seems like the computer is freezing up or pausing... I have tried contacting iambigbrother for help or a refund, but they will not answer.'

So; one person, two problems. The slow computer and the lack of response.

Other customers agree that the program can slow up your computer, but claim it is easy to fix.

'The only problem I had was when I tried to install on the second computer and my Norton flagged it for removal. I went to the Norton Antivirus 'blocked sites' exception tab and clicked on '' and confirmed it as a legitimate program.'

And some people had no problems: 

'I Am Big Brother works excellently on my two computers.'

However the issue over support is consistent.

'I am having the exact same problems,' said a forum user. 'And no response to email requests for help.'

'I Am Big Brother will not respond to emails for support,' said another.

One review site advises that you will need to set up exclusions on your antivirus software before using this package.

'The majority of antivirus, antispyware and anti-keylogger applications are capable of detecting and disabling IamBigBrother. Prior to installation, these applications will need exclusions set up to prevent them from blocking the monitoring software.'

And the company themselves recommend that I Am Big Brother is 'best for people who are somewhat computer familiar, and are comfortable downloading and installing software with limited tech support.'

So in conclusion there are some good features: monitoring both sides of chat conversations, the remote and local reporting facilities, but don't expect technical support if you run into problems.
Date Reviewed: February 10, 2012, 6:07 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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