I Drive Safely Defensive Driving Course
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I Drive Safely Defensive Driving Course From: idrivesafely.com

Inexpensive comprehensive defensive driving class that can be taken online at your own pace. Perfect for getting a traffic ticket dismissed or for reduction of auto insurance rates.

Course is more complex and difficult than some given in classrooms. Students without much experience in taking exams and tests may have a more difficult time in recognizing what items will be selected for the tests.

Excellent comprehensive course in driver safety which covers physical and emotional aspects of the driver, mechanical aspects of auto and safety risks on the road.

I Drive Safely Defensive Driving Course - Worth It?

When sleep deprived, the brain will take its due. Sudden and unexpected microsleep episodes of 4 – 5 seconds occur without your permission and even without your knowledge when you are tired. During a microsleep episode you will be totally unaware of your surroundings and, if you are driving at 50 mph during such an episode, you will travel the length of a football field while asleep.

Learning about microsleep was the most important thing that I learned from the online I Drive Safely Mature Driver online course. I drive while tired, try to squeeze as much as possible out of life and sometimes do so by cutting back on sleep.

Also, I did not know that safety equipment such as seat belts and car seats for children should be inspected after any accident or collision, however minor. They may need to be replaced.

The Mature Driver course reviews age-related changes and disabilities and how each one affects driving ability. It was noted that ninety percent of information required to drive safely relates to vision.

Factors that reduce the ability of people of all ages to drive safely are alcohol or drug use and emotional or aggressive driving.

I Drive Safely has been offering defensive driving classes online for more than ten years. Several types of courses (Teen, Adult and Mature Driver) are offered and can be taken for traffic ticket dismissal or for a substantial reduction in auto insurance fees.

This online class has six units and each unit ends with a review page which can be printed for study purposes. A quiz of ten questions is given at the end of each unit and at least eight of the ten questions must be correctly answered in order to proceed with the course.
I took this class to obtain a reduction in my auto insurance rate and it took me a total of more than eight hours over four days to complete the course.

Positive aspects of the I Drive Safely online defensive driving course include:

-class is less expensive than those given in a classroom
-course can be entered and exited at your convenience
-course is quite comprehensive and covers numerous aspects of safe driving including the physical and emotional condition of the driver, mechanical condition of the auto, risks on the road and how to best respond to those risks
-presentation of safety ideas that can be used on a daily basis and in numerous situations.

My only complaint about this course is a small one and can be summarized as ‘too much information’ about certain topics. For example, detailed descriptions of visual impairments such as glaucoma and acute macular degeneration were quite interesting, but not really necessary to understanding that having healthy eyes and great vision are one of the most important aspects of being able to drive safely.

In my opinion, persons experienced in a testing environment (higher education, employment testing) will have an easier time identifying what aspects of the course will be selected to be on the examinations and will have a greater chance of successfully passing the I Drive Safely class.

Having taken defensive driving classes in several settings, I can tell you that the online course is more difficult and covers more topics than the classroom courses. Also, persons who prefer a social setting and do not work well alone would most likely do better taking this course in a classroom setting.

I Drive Safely courses can be accessed at www.idrivesafely.com. As of today (05/05/2012) their website lists a wide range of charges for the Teen Driver course which vary by state. The course for Mature Drivers costs $65.00 and the Mature Driver class costs $14.95.
Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 4:48 am
Reviewed by jeansteed
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Ddhogg640 I have no issues with the content of I Drive Safely course, but their treatment of the customer is abysmal!! I requested my driving record on 5/29/12 for overnight delivery. When it had not arrived by 06/01/12, I contacted your customer service, (was told that some of the information was incorrect, and that I had been emaild notifying my of the issue. (No such email was ever received, and they had the correct email address, because I received confirmation of payment.) I corrected the missing information, and requested email delivery, which I was assured would be sent within 24 hours. I specifically asked the customer service rep if it made any difference that the next day was Saturday, and she assured me that it did not matter ..."we are open 24/7" THREE days later, I received my driving record via email! My court appearance was on Monday morning, so I had already obtained my driving record from the state agency, using the same information that I gave to I Drive safely, and got it on the first try. There is NO excuse for the company to have taken a total of 6 days to have delivered this record. After complaining, and asking for a refund, I was told that they only process driving records on "business" days, and that that the company has a policy NOT to refund money for driving records. I was marginally satisfied with the defensive driving course, but am VERY dissatisfied with I Drive Safely's performance as regards my driving record. If you don't want to ripped off STAY AWAY!! ddhogg640 Rating
Tue, June 05, 2012 9:29PM • By: ddhogg640rssreport user
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