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IContact is one of the top options available for email autoresponders.

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IContact REVIEW Is This Email Responder Any Good
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iContact REVIEW - is this Email Responder any good?

icontact is one of the top offerings in email autoresponse systems. When you're deciding which system to go with there are a bunch of important elements to take into consideration: deliverability, analytics, ease of use, features and integration, value for price, customer support, online reputation and the company's overall, evolving development. Let's see what icontact has to offer in each of these categories:


This is one of the most if not THE most essential ingredient for an autoresponder. If your emails get lost in spam folders or worse, blacklisted that spells trouble and lost revenue for your business. Icontact has one of the highest success rates for email deliverability in the industry. This is attributed to a few factors: Aside from their dedicated email delivery team and spamcheck, icontact is also whitelisted. This means they have established relationships with the major ISPs which protects your email delivery. ISPs filter out messages considered spam before they even get to their users inbox. Just by using icontact, following their guidelines and using their spamcheck before you send your email, your messages are protected and ensured arrival to their destination. This feature is a must have for your autoresponder.


I really like icontact's  tracking tool because in addition to keeping track of open rates, forwards, clicks, bounces and complaints you can also see social media response like tweets or FB likes. You can also get more in depth with specific user data to find out how individual contacts responded to you email, including when it was opened and how many times and you can look at overall trends to figure out optimal times to send messages. Segmenting your email list by subscriber behavior also helps you send targeted emails for optimal results and you can split test to determine which message is converting best. Icontacts premium members also have integrated google analytics, which takes the process one step further with even more detailed user results. You can check out icontact's informative video tutorial on google analytics to get a deeper appreciation for the value of it for your business.

Ease of use:

Ease of use is frequently sited by users posting favorable reviews about icontact. The interface is extremely easy to navigate and quite intuitive. This is important because you're going to be spending a lot of time in your icontact back office so it's important to feel comfortable there. Icontact have provided a ton of free templates and also make it very easy to upload your own.

Features and Integration:

One of icontact's real strengths is integration. They won Salesforce's best app of the year last year and thy are designed to integrate with a number of systems such as 123contact form and viewbix as well as giving you the freedom to build an integration of your own which lends ultimate flexibility to the system. In addition to other standard social media integration like Facebook and Twitter, icontact is introducing Linkedin integration as well as a new partner marketplace, vastly expanding your integration options. 

One feature that distinguishes icontact from the competition is their unique event marketing program, Ettend. If your business involves organizing events of any kind, icontact has simplified and streamlined the process for you. Ettend is especially cool for small businesses because it instantly enables you to accept cc's through your payment gateway (just use Paypal to keep things super simple.) It's fully integrated with your icontacts list, enabling you to quickly and effortlessly promote your event. There is a $1 flat fee per ticket sold (which you can add to your ticket price) or it's an entirely free service if you're not charging for the event. Pretty cool! 

Value for Price:

Icontact's prices are on par with their competitors on the low end of the scale but they have many more pricing tiers. On the low end, their service is free for under 100 subscribers or $10/month for 250 subscribers. Their rates are actually better than their competitors on the higher end of the scale ($47/month for up to 5000 subscribers), which means that as your business grows you'll be giving exponentially less of your hard earned cash to your autoresponder if you choose icontact.  They also have an annual discount rate of 15% off whatever plan you choose. As far as monthly emails, you are free to send 6 times your subscriber list, i.e. if you have 100 subscribers you can send out 600 emails a month. 

Icontact also offers NC non-profits the service completely free! Non-profits outside of NC get a 20% discounted rate.

Customer Support:

IContact has long weekday hours for their phone support (4am to 10pm) but no weekend hours. User reviews generally site very helpful customer support.

Online Reputation:

Overall, Icontact has an excellent online reputation. I noticed one complaint about cancellation. You cannot cancel your account online or via email, it must be done over the phone and this got one user quite upset. Otherwise, comments were generally favorable.

Overall Development:

Icontact has been in business since 2003 and has an A+ with the BBB. With their recent award for Salesforce integration, their new partner marketplace and 13,000 likes on Facebook they must be doing something right. Icontact continues to keep pace with, if not outstrip, their competitors.

The Wrap-up:

I highly recommend and you can try icontact for a 30 day free trial to get a feel for the system.

Date Reviewed: March 14, 2012, 12:04 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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