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Does INSANITY Really Stack Up to the Competition?

Based on the concept of max interval training, INSANITY is a grueling 60-day home workout program that isn't meant for beginners: Its tough, limit-pushing workouts are meant to burn as much fat possible. Better news: It uses no equipment, so all you'll need is the INSANITY DVD program to get started. Here's my review.

  • Burns a lot of calories
  • Uses no equipment
  • Contains a variety of workouts that target multiple muscle groups

  • Very tough; not meant for beginners
  • Must follow nutrition program to see results
  • Nutrition information isn't always correct


If you've ever wanted to get in shape--and wanted to do it fast--then there's an entire industry based around your needs, from workout DVDs to personal trainers. For those who prefer to keep their workout efforts at home, here comes Beachbody's latest product: a 60 day home-based workout program called INSANITY, led by personal trainer Shaun T.

Because INSANITY is produced by the same company behind P90X, expect some similarities--they both utilize bodyweight-only exercise routines, so exercise equipment isn't necessary here. Both programs also incorporate resistance training with cardiovascular exercise as a way to burn fat fast, but INSANITY differs due to the intensity--think of this as P90X on caffeine. This program isn't designed for beginners or those who prefer easy exercise, simply because it's designed to burn more fat, and you can't do that with "easy" exercises.

Should you follow the program to its entirety, Beachbody promises you'll see "amazing results" in just 60 days, with images and videos of successful users displayed prominently on the INSANITY website. The results you should expect are pretty clear: You'll get lean, more defined, and be well on your way to getting a six pack.

How it Works

Here's how INSANITY works: By doing one workout once a day for six days a week and following its nutrition plan, you'll get leaner and slimmer quickly, with full results within 60 days. The only other requirement is that you have ample space to workout, like the floor of your living room.

To begin, you'll need to undergo a fitness test, which tests your current cardio and strength levels at the beginning of this challenge. From there, you'll simple cycle out INSANITY's various workout programs, which range from cardio and ab workouts to intense circuit training, all designed to keep your calorie burn high. Most workouts last between 20 to 40 minutes; the interval workouts last the longest at around an hour each.

You'll need to do all of these workouts 6 days a week to see results, paired with its nutrition program, which recommends a basic "clean" diet with each meal containing 40% protein, 40% carb, and 20% fat. INSANITY recommends choosing foods that have a low glycemic index because it provides sustainable energy, despite this never been scientifically proven. It also recommends eating every few hours to keep the metabolism--another common nutrition fallacy that has been proven false.

Does it Work?

According to customers, it does--but only if you strictly follow the exercise and nutrition requirements. Choose to be lax about any of these requirements and you won't see good results; both parts are necessary to achieve the goal physique laid out by INSANITY.

"If you are in decent shape, enjoy working out in a pool of your own sweat, and have the ability to push beyond your current physical limits, then Insanity may be the workout program for you," says Michael R. Esco, Ph.D., a WebMD contributor. "You will definitely see great results if you are self-motivated enough to complete the entire program."

On the other hand, INSANITY may just be a bit too much for those with bad joints. "While I didn't injure anything per se, "Insanity" definitely put undue strain on my knees, hips and lower back...especially during the so-called "Recovery Week" (more on that below)," says an customer. "Be warned; this is a high impact set of very repetitive movements."

Overall, it does work--but it's not easy.


Although some of nutrition information is spotty, INSANITY can help you burn a lot of calories, and thus a lot of fat. If you're up for the challenge, this is the workout program to try.
Date Reviewed: May 22, 2012, 5:59 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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