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Good, comprehensive information on how to prepare for IVF.


I see no evidence of a 'breakthrough'. Limited independent feedback.


Recommended for information and advice, especially on mental preparation and how to get started on the right foot.

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IVF Success Program Review
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Review of "The Full Embrace" IVF Success Program by Diana Farrell

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) is a daunting prospect.

And with all your hopes and dreams tied up in getting pregnant, there's no doubt that the emotional stress can have an impact on the success of this expensive, complicated program, which carries no guarantee of success.

With The Full Embrace IVF Success Program, Diana Farrell, claims to have made a breakthrough.

You can get pregnant on the first IVF cycle, says Diana. Even if you have a history of tough infertility problems, and even if you are over 40.

Diana is a researcher, author and health consultant and says that you can 'overcome the odds' - whilst being very clear the most IVF cycles do not succeed, and that this is reality.

She is also certain the multiple cycles of IVF are expensive, physically & emotionally stressful and create a toxic atmosphere for the patient who can be overwhelmed by the complex options and loss of control which seem to be part of the territory.

Full Embrace is different, she says. Her IVF Success Program will 'teach you the proper methods and techniques that will give you a much higher chance of succeeding on your first try.'

You will learn how to 'even out the roller coaster' that often accompanies IVF treatment. The program is focused on self-empowerment, demystifying the steps you will have to go through and advising on the pros and cons of each decision you'll have to make.

'You will be in charge!' says Diana.

She argues that complementary treatments and lifestyle changes increase your chance of success with IVF. The IVF Success Program is a complete and comprehensive guide to all the variety of techniques available. And, says Diana, she has the research to prove that these methods increase your changes of getting pregnant.

The program covers complementary medicine, Eastern medicine, nutrition and lifestyle. Plus 'empowerment for success' and a thorough explanation of the ins and outs of the entire IVF cycle and accompanying treatments (a dizzying list - with titles such as ICSI, PGD, CGH, Assisted Hatching).

The guide is aimed at women who are clearly focused on getting pregnant on their next IVF cycle; who want to feel confident throughout the procedure and be sure that they are doing everything they can to make their IVF a success. They know that feeling healthy and well-balanced is important and are keen to maximize their chances by addressing lifestyle and diet.

You've all see those charts and graphs detailing the success rates for IVF versus various factors (such as age) - Well Diana says that proper preparation for IVF will put you firmly in the 'successful' group.

The book and associated material examines research around pregnancy and outlines treatments for common conditions that are 'not often associated with fertility' but can, when treated, increase a female's chances of conceiving 'by 93%.'

So you can be sure that you have covered all your bases before undertaking the next expensive and challenging IVF cycle.

Diana's website includes many positive endorsements from women who successfully used the methods to help them conceive via IVF. 

'I would say they shouldn't do IVF unless they get your program first,' said one lady. 

'I really appreciate your holistic approach and would recommend it,' said another.

The IVF Success Program costs $39.59 and comes with a whole raft of bonus materials.

And there is no doubt that Diana is on to something with her material. All reviews and websites agree that to maximize success in getting pregnant then you should start priming your mind and body to produce healthy eggs and receive the embryos.

And medical research confirms that 'psychological stress may diminish success rates', whilst adding that 'infertility is often described as the most stressful event in the lives of most couples...because of daily hormone injections, blood samples, laparoscopic surgery, the possibility of failure; and waiting to see if fertilization is successful.'

'One of the best features of this program is that it focuses on proper preparation,' says one review. 'The book describes a lot of very simple lifestyle changes a woman can make to help increase her chances of conception.'

The reviewers are clear that the IVF Success Program mostly covers preparation, supplements and mental health issues, which are 'vital topics' but potential purchasers should be aware of this. 

And the coverage of mental health issues is recorded as 'great' - for example how to stay calm and centered during the 'nerve-racking two week wait that follows embryo transfer.'

I would have liked to see more independent customer comments on the program - which is why this review doesn't have a higher score.

But generally this is clearly useful material, well organized and comprehensive. A 'breakthrough' might be putting it too strongly - but for information on this complex and confusing process, along with advice on how to increase your chances of success, it is certainly a good friend to take along with you on your IVF journey.
Date Reviewed: March 14, 2012, 12:04 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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