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Comprehensive package, great for ideas, browsing and inspiration. Includes bonus guides on project management.


No examples of projects completed by customers. Ideas-based, not detailed plans


Great for inspiration and access to a wide range of different projects

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Ideas 4 Landscaping by Helen Whitfield from www.ideas4landscaping
Ideas 4 Landscaping Review
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"Ideas4Landscaping" (7250 Landscaping Ideas), by Helen Whitfield - REVIEW

Most of us have probably, in those rare relaxed moments, dreamed up ideas for landscaping our homes and gardens.

But on a rainy Sunday in February (or even on a lovely summer's evening...) it can be hard to come up with practical ideas that match your dreams.

This is where Ideas4Landscaping comes in.

Helen Whitfield has been designing and building her own landscapes for the past 18 years, and has now put together thousands of landscape designs, big and small, into a database of achievable projects for the homeowner.

'Transform your exterior in one weekend,' she says. 'Instant access to the freshest landscaping ideas and videos.'

According to Helen, this is landscaping the easy way

No hiring of expensive designers (who overcharge, according to Helen); no problems with ideas, assistance with time and cost evaluations and tips on how to get started. 

(Maybe just a small water feature rather than the grand outdoor fountain...)

The reason landscape designers are 'downright rip-offs' according to Helen, is that they overcharge for the simplest ideas but skip over important aspects. 

Her resource, on the other hand, is a comprehensive landscaping package which will help you get the job done cheaper, faster and without headaches.

No more dreaming, folks, more building!

Your home represents you, inside and out. If your house and surrounding areas appear loved and cared for then it shows that you value yourself. Plus landscaping projects often add appeal to your home and class to your neighborhood - for visitors, family and potential buyers alike.

Don't you and your family deserve a better view every morning when you wake up and evening when you come home?

The downloadable package includes 1000s of high quality landscaping designs and instructions - a world away from the limited options you can see in magazines.

Designs for front yard, backyard, farm plots, and garden, along with step by step guides and tips.

There are basic ideas for the beginner and more complex projects for professional landscapers. Plus simple and affordable upgrades which will dramatically transform your property with simple and cheap strategies.

Most of the ideas in Ideas4Landscaping can be completed in a weekend. Simple, quick and easy!

The idea of the database is to save you money and provide choices you wouldn't find elsewhere. Flick through the 1000s of pictures in 60+ categories until you see the one that fits your home.

There are designs for backyards, decks, driveways, facades, fountains, garages, gardens, lawns, pools and more. The brief also includes ideas for slopes and grades, fencing, plants, outdoor furniture and lighting. 

'It sparked ideas for me immediately,' said one customer quoted on the Ideas4Landscapes website. 'I never saw such a collection before, with gorgeous color photographs and terrific ideas.'

And it seems that the ideas are the most striking part of this package. 'Great for inspirations and ideas!' said another user.

People are impressed with the huge range of designs to choose from and the comprehensive nature of the material.

'This is a complete landscaping resource with detailed diagrams,' said one review, 'complete with color pictures and examples on many types of landscaping designs.'

There are lots of examples of small projects available to view on You Tube, which is a good way of finding out if the style and content of Ideas4Landscaping is for you.

For $47 you can get access to 'by far one of the best collections and guide on landscape design I've ever purchased,' according to a reviewer.

'This is one great collection I'll be using for years to come...' said another website.

However there is a lack of independent customer comments on this resources - I would have liked to see more actual projects completed by buyers of this guide.

But if it's ideas you're after then this is a great package.
Date Reviewed: February 21, 2012, 7:50 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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