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Good for beginners to the world of 3D animation, 60-day Money Back Guarantee for the Deluxe package, more than 6,000 actual customers own the product already


Much of the package is OpenSource and available for free for those that are inclined to spend the time.


If you are a beginner in the field of 3D animation, you may consider buying the Illusion Mage package for the sake of easy learning. With a 60-day money back guarantee you can't really go wrong.

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Illusion Mage from Illusion Mage
IllusionMage Review
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Illusion Mage 3D Animation Software - REVIEW

Illusion Mage 3D animation software package is a comprehensive program to help you create professional looking 3D animations right in the comfort of your home. Illusion Mage is a complete suite for animation picture development and 3D modeling. Its creator Seth Avery claims that the program can help you create brilliant animations in two hours or less.

More than 6,100 customers across 67 countries are learning the difficult art of computer animation with this package. Avery (distributor) says that the software package that you will get is the same program that many of the leading creative studios of Europe are using. This is effectively true, Illusion Mage is a bundled copy of Blender an open source freely distributable 3d software application. The difference between Illusion Mage and going direct from Blender is that this package includes a wealth of tutorials and training materials to help get you started.

What can you do with it?

Illusion Mage software package lets you build professional quality 3D graphics. You can draw and animate your own 3D models. You can design and create your own customized 3D games quite easily. In fact, the program also lets you produce your very own cartoon animation movie. You can create real time interactive 3D content, and render realistic and rich-looking natural environments.

Illusion Mage provides state of the art simulation tools such as fluid, soft, and rigid body dynamics, stop motion animation, character animation tools, and modifier based modeling tools. You can use these tools for UV unwrapping, modeling, texturing, skinning, rigging, rendering, animating, particle simulating, compositing, non linear editing, and building interactive apps in 3D.

What do you get in the package?

Illusion Mage gives you a powerful and fully integrated 3D creation software and a state of the art animation system with a comprehensive range of tools for superlative 3D production. Seth Avery assures that you will receive free updates for life from a buoyant open-source community.

The program works with multiple file types, supports light wave formats and 3D studio formats, and is compatible with Mac and Windows. The package also includes more than 250 pages of illustrated tutorials and video based animation software training. The length of the video tutorials is over 370 minutes.

Benefits of this package over the higher priced applications

Many newcomers frankly just do not know where to start when trying to break in to the competitive world of computer animation. It is very difficult  to source training materials and the sticker shock of most 3D Applications is enough to deter the average newcomer from even attempting to learn.

Illusion Mage offers a bundled solution by providing all the basic material and training under one roof. It adds value not in terms of original content, but in terms of organizing and presenting the content in a single, seamless, simplified package. 

Professional users can apply the techniques and tips provided in Illusion Mage to build photo realistic animation in compact files. Web designers can use it to perform efficient and interactive 3D web publishing. Character animators can add new depth and superior interactivity to their characters.

E-commerce businesses can use this software suite to recreate a real-like in-store experience online. Online marketers can use 3D animation to make their email marketing and banner advertising campaigns more effective.


Illusion Mage basic package is sold at a price of $47 and the advanced or deluxe package at $77. The deluxe package comes with an unconditional risk-free 60-day money back guarantee.

I know here comes the "Big Question" - Why pay $47 for something that is open source and free to download? Well the answer is simple. If you are technically inclined and have the time and resources to sort through the thousands of pages returned in 3D Training results then NO it might not be worth your while to buy this package.

However if you just want to get started in a hurry and want a complete solution (as many people do) then $47 or even $77 is a great deal to get you starting in this fast paced and exciting industry.

Most other 3D Application packages are in the 5K-10K Range with training materials such as DVD training videos etc. costing in the thousands. A rather large investment I have to say for someone who just wants to see if this is career for them. Illusion Mage will save you time and/or money getting started in computer animation.

Testimonials & Feedback
Being a controversial topic reselling an open source application as a training bundle, there is not much in the way of direct feedback available on the specific title. Blender - the core element of the package is however a renowned and loved application with quite a following in the industry. Many professional users and avid blender users are not happy about the IllusionMage package and are quite vocal about their dislike. The fact still remains that this is a great application with a wealth of resources. The choice is ultimately yours a) spend countless hours sourcing out materials and training or b)simply order the package and save the time.

Client testimonials provided at the official website of Illusion Mage are roundly positive, as one can expect. However, some third party reviewers outside the website also have a positive opinion about this product. The reviewer at sums up: “As an overview, I would recommend Illusion Mage to all those associated with the animation industry as this is one ultimate product, which has the best features, is reasonably priced and can be used by professionals and beginners alike.” reviewer says about Illusion Mage, “It offers support to a wide range of 3D object types like Bezier and B-spline curves, vector fonts, polygon meshes and NURBS surfaces. Further, Illusion Mage also offers you real game support for libraries that are used by consoles like PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. It also enables you to compile all relevant scene data into either one single format or into 2D or 3D formats, including those that are used by other leading 3D software in the market. It also supports a few movie formats as well.”

Date Reviewed: December 6, 2011, 9:46 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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