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excellent customer support, up to 6x faster than the competition, 24/7 monitored service, 90 day money back guarantee


they cater to serious businesses as opposed to web hobbyists


I'm excited about this company and their level of professionalism!

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In Motion Award Winning Host Service
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InMotion Review - Award Winning Host Service

Have you ever had your website go down only to find yourself waiting on hold for 15 minutes with your web hosting company. You can almost picture their rinky dink office. As the minutes tick on and your blood pressure rises, you get the feeling they employ a total of 2 people to cover all sales and tech issues for all their clients… and one of them is on break. I had that experience when I was just starting my online business and it's incredibly frustrating. I learned from it though. If you're serious about your web business it's best to find a company that can aptly handle your needs at any stage in your ebusiness development.

Your web host is the foundation your website rests on. Literally!

If the foundation isn't solid a breeze can knock your e business over. Web hosting weaknesses can show up in a variety of ways... poor customer service, no ease of use, website downtime, an inability to handle traffic spikes, a slow server and other reliability issues. It's not worth the hassle to save a few bucks and forego quality. Especially these days when quality web hosting is so readily available at an excellent rate. 

So where does InMotion stack up against the competition?

Each web hosting company has a character and specialization unique to that company's strengths. InMotion emphasizes business quality hosting and they truly deliver which is evident in their 46 awards for business hosting over the years (8 in 2011 alone!!) In other words, if you're just looking to start a blog about your passion for cupcakes this would be a fine place to park your site but that doesn't begin to make use of what InMotion has to offer. Click here to check out their impressive list of awards.

Choose your data center location.

Nearly every other hosting competitor uses a single data center. With InMotion you choose your data center location which greatly affects the speed your website runs at. If you're within the exclusive max speed zones your email and website can run up to 6 times faster! This gives your customer greater ease of use and faster sales processing which adds up to more dollars in your pocket! See whether your site location qualifies for the max speed zone.

InMotion has also partnered with some of the world's largest ISP's and peering exchanges for direct data connections that also enhance the speed of connection. They even offer you a download test to find your best data center option based on the download speed.

As your net business grows, their VPS hosting provides an excellent bridge between fully dedicated servers and shared web hosting. Their linux vas hosting solutions provide an affordable option for businesses that need features like custom firewall, dedicated mail server or more control over security. Award winning cPanel control panel software comes free with VPS hosting as compared to other hosting sites that charge extra. They also have burstable ram to protect your site during traffic spikes (like a power surge protector.) Up to 10 ip addresses are included in the price (the competition allows for 2 max.) They have a great comparison chart so you can see clearly how their features compare to other hosting companies.

I saved the best for last.

US based CUSTOMER SERVICE 24/7!!!! Every testimonial and review I read when researching InMotion mentioned their outstanding customer service. 

So here are the stats in a bullet proof list:

1. up to 6x faster than the competition

2 choose the location nearest to your customers

3. unmatched support

4. business class websites with 99.9% up time

5. 24/7 monitored servers

6. World class partnerships for direct data connections

7. Multiple awards for best business and small business hosting

8. VPS hosting with free cPanel software

9. 90 day money back guarantee

To give InMotion a try click on GO!

Date Reviewed: January 10, 2012, 12:47 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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