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Infusionsoft serves over 9000 small business 32,000 users worldwide.


Infusionsoft packages are not cheap. Determine if this an expense you need.


Infusionsoft can be just what a small business needs to give itself the tools needed for sales and markeing.

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Infusionsoft from Scott Martineau
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Do You Really Need InfusionSoft?

Who is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a company that helps small business through the sale of sales and marketing software. The company was founded in 2004. The reason Infusionsoft was started because the founders saw a need for small businesses to combine their sales and marketing software together. Up until this time multiple sales and marketing software was used. None of these platforms seem to work together.

Enter Infusionsoft who saw a niche that needed to be filled with small businesses A web based platform was created that combines intelligent automation with a powerful customer relationship management(CRM),email marketing, social media tools, and ecommerce.

Infusionsoft is a company that has sustained growth each year and is consistently recognized for its success in working with small businesses there is a team of small business experts employed by Infusionsoft to work and help small businesses succeed.

The Infusionsoft software is used by business owners to help convert leads, generate sales, and save time.

Customer relationship management helps the small business capture new leads, improves the efficiency by simplifying the sales process.

Email marketing and social marketing are used to create targeted campaigns around certain leads and generate those leads into sales.

Ecommerce is used to boost online sales through connecting your storefront to your contact records and marketing.
Infusionsoft wants to redefine the way your business is done through the use of automated marketing software.

Features of Infusionsoft:

Attract new customers through easy web form and landing page builder. This tool makes it almost effortless with its drag and drop technology. Owners are able to drag and drop crafted web forms and landing pages to attract customers. This leads to better search engine rankings and can attract more customers with built-in metadata and keyword fields.

Social Media Tools:

Share your landing pages and emails you create with your friends and followers on the social media websites. There are features that include capturing leads and track performances through creation of unique tracking links.

Performance and Tracking Analysis:

This tool allows you to see track how many unique visitors are coming to your website and what campaigns are working. It then uses this data to analyze how to optimize your strategy. It measures your return on investment, conversion rates by lead source, and cost per visitor with easy to understand reports.

Website Activity Monitoring:

The website activity monitoring is used to keep track of individual visitors. It tracks their online activities to get a complete report on their interest and online activities.

What makes these features so good are they are all under one umbrella and you do not need to add any other marketing software. Infusionsoft gives its clients the edge needed to run a successful business. There are various resources on the Infusionsoft website that can be used to learn about the increasing and maintaining a business presence. There are many videos, webinars, articles and reports that give customers vital information about small business success.

Each one of these resources is valuable pieces of information that can be applied to everyday business activities. Infusionsoft updates and adds new additions to help people accomplished their business goals. Each of these packages contains a sixty day kick start that is design to get your business going. The kickback includes one on one coaching and consulting with your own success coach.

A customized plan to automate your sales and marketing process. A step by step guide on setting up automated campaigns. There is also an all access membership to the copywriting resource website.

Who are Infusionsoft customers?

Just about anyone with a small business qualifies as a potential client. This software can be very appealing to Information marketers. People who run personal service business, professional services, retailers and sales organizations all qualify as potential clients.

Infusionsoft has three pricing packages that go from standard to premier. These all carry the basic features in addition to other elements added according to the package you select. There are no contracts at Infusionsoft. There is a monthly fee or a onetime fee.
Find out if Infusionsoft is what you need to get your business noticed. Watch the Infusionsoft demo of this product and decide for yourself.

Date Reviewed: September 1, 2012, 2:25 am
Reviewed by evan75
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