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Claims to have insider secrets on how to obtain cheap flights.


No evidence that the information is beneficial, or that this is information you can't obtain for free via forums.


Search around the internet and check out flying advice forums before purchasing

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Insider Secrets To Cheap Flights Review
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FULL REVIEW: "Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights" by Henry Rustkirk

You need to book some flights. You've been searching around the usual websites but everything seems inordinately expensive, even if you change dates, time, even departure locations.
You've been there for hours and are still no nearer to an affordable package.
Surely there must be a better way?
Henry Rustkirk claims to have the answers.
His 'Secrets to Cheap Flights' downloadable PDF will tell you how to, 'beat the airlines at their own game.'
Full of, 'insider travel secrets' you'll be able to get the flight you need, 'dirt cheap,' he says.
Really? Tell me more.
Henry Rustkirk does not like the airline industry... like many of us he is fed up with fees, poor customer service and paying extra for bags and food.
But these are peripheral issues really. It's the fares that are the problem. 
The writer of 'Secrets to Cheap Flights' claims that he knows these secrets because he used to be a reservation agent. He was fired, allegedly, for being too easy on customers, for not, 'milking them for all they're worth.'
Anyway, enough of that, what we really want to know is what information is Henry Rustkirk offering and is it worth paying for?
Well, amongst all the fluff about how badly he was treated and how many wonderful family vacations you could now have, I did find some hints of what 'Secrets to Cheap Flights' offers.
You will learn, Henry says, his 'Secret Airfare Search Sequence.' A 'mind blowing system which could save you thousands of dollars.'
You will also learn about, 'Airline website trickery and how the best deals are sometimes just below the surface.'
As well as Mr Rustkirk's, 'secret internet browser method you can use to trick airline sites to displaying different deals.'
There is a lot of other fluff mentioned; how to make the best of Frequent Flyer Programs, how to benefit from airline mistakes, the best time to book to save big (I know that one - and will give it you for free - Tuesday afternoons), and the 'magic' 12 hour window within which special fares are released.
All for $29.95.
You may have guessed by the tone of this review that I was not entirely convinced by Mr Rustkirk's website, especially as it accompanied by annoying pop-ups which don't allow you to leave the site gracefully... however in the interests of balance I did try very hard to find a variety of reviews on this product.
There are quite a few websites which basically rehash the material on 'Secrets to Cheap Flights', and they give the product endorsements.
'I was surprised on how much information I gained about finding cheap flights today with this eBook.'
However most of the links which claim to be reviews just loop directly back to Rustkirk's site (and then you have to extricate yourself from that!). On independent forums the word is less complimentary.
'If you know that air fares vary by country of origin and that multiple fare products exist, then you are ahead of these books,' said one forum member.
Damn! I could have written one myself.
'Much of what is in this guide book is readily available on FlyerTalk,' said another.
And some people classify this material right in the 'scam' category:
'It does show that PT Barnum is still right.'
If you're still looking for an affordable flight, then I sympathize. It's time consuming and frustrating. But you'd be better looking to the discussion forums for help rather than spending money on this product.
Date Reviewed: December 9, 2011, 3:06 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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