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Instagram Review From: Instagram Inc.

Quick and easy to use, works instantly from your smartphone, lets you photo document your activities, Available for Android and Iphone

Smart phone required to use Instagram, limited filters and image tools.

It's Free so why not give it a go, share your photos with you friends with one of the easiest apps.

Instagram - Review & Creative usage tips.

Instagram is a photo sharing app originally for iPhones but now also available for Android. Unfortunately at the time of writing this you cannot actually use Instagram from your computer but there are programs that let you share photos from your Instagram account to your PC, even with people who do not have Instagram.

Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram. Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too – it’s as easy as pie. It’s photo sharing, reinvented.”
Instagram is a fun and awesome photo app that is being used by individuals for fun and businesses are finding smart and savvy ways to integrate it into their marketing campaigns and more. While there are many photo taking and editing apps out there, Instagram has gotten loads of fame due to the way it allows you to share your images. It takes ordinary cell phone pics and takes them to the next level.

All you have to do is snap a cool pic on your Smartphone and the Instagram app lets you add Polaroid-style frames and retro filters to create an extra special and unique look and feel to your digital images. It’s free to use but there are other apps you can buy (usually only $1-2) that give you more filters and borders and other options to take Instagram to the next level.

Instagram for Individuals

Instagram is super popular with people owning Smartphones today. Instagram is more than just a photo-taking tool; it’s a story-telling opportunity. You could show your friends where you are and what you are doing. You could highlight your life in a daily photo stream. Some people use it to show their progression while losing weight or when pregnant as the baby grows. You might do an “out my window” theme and take a photo out your window every day. You can take photos of the places you go or while attending games or public events.

Food is especially popular on Instagram and it’s one of the only places, besides Pinterest, where you will find the tags #foodporn. Speaking of tags, they work on Instagram just like on Twitter. You can tag your images with related keywords and it makes it easier for other people to find them. You can also search images of other users based on tags. This is one way you can find new people to follow on the platform.

When you follow users on Instagram, their photos show in your feed. You can like them or comment on them and your followers can also like and comment on yours. But now this neat little mobile app is being used by more than just individuals.
Instagram for Marketing

If businesses or brands want to make the most of what Instagram has to offer, there are several creative and innovative ways that you can make this work. For example, you can use Instagram to connect with people who are interested in what your company offers. You can hold photo contests or caption contests or ask people to send in photos of them using your product.

There is a parenting blog that posts pictures of sales, special products and item recall news to the blog via Instagram photos while out and about in the stores. You can use it for event marketing, finding fans, telling your business’ story and more.
Programs to use Instagram on your computer:

  • Followgram
  • Instagrid
  • Satigram
  • WebStaGram
  • Instagrille
Creative usage of Instagram...

How about real time sharing of a vacation or road trip that you are taking? Instantly share things you see on your trip with your closest friends and family. Let them enjoy the sights of your vacation with you as if they were actually their themselves.

Instantly create and share photo albums with your family (no need for the embarrassing rotating slide shows and photo albums) The embarrassment can be immortalized in digital photo form and easily sorted, collected and shared.

Have a blast creating time lapse sequences of some of your favorite activities as they are happening. 

Fun and stylized photography  - make some old style western photos and see just how much like an old western town you can make a local hangout.  Maybe have a contest with your friends and see who can share the most western looking photo though Instagram.

If you open your mind the possibilities with Instagram are endless...This is a must have app even if it just you play around and share some hilarious or creative pictures quickly and easily with family and friends.  

Want Instagram but Don’t Have a Smartphone?

If you want Instagram but don’t have a Smartphone, you might be in luck very soon. Since Facebook bought the popular app, many are predicting that there may soon be a way to integrate Instagram with your Facebook account and edit your photo albums on Facebook with Instagram effects. In the meantime, there are actually some programs that let you create Instagram effects on your computer.

Some are photo editing programs and others are just filtering programs with basic functions that give you the same look. Some to look into are PicYou, Instant Retro, Picplz, Phixr and Picnik. While Instagram is super cool, the main downside right now is that you have to have a phone that allows you to download and use the app in order to benefit from it. 
Date Reviewed: June 16, 2012, 10:05 pm
Reviewed by Matthew Chitty
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