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Great value for the price. Many features competitors do not have.


Overpriced for someone who needs only one form or forms for one site.


If you are a marketer or developer who needs forms for multiple sites, this is the best value you will find on the Internet.

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Instant Form Pro from by Joel Comm
Instant Form Pro Review
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Instant Form Pro (by Joel Comm) REVIEW - What are real marketers saying?

There are many programs out there to help you create forms for your website. Whether you are a marketing or a website developer, learning these tools and finding the best for you will be very important. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to place forms or surveys on your site or sites of a client and running into complications. But as you start to shop for programs to help you with this, you will see that it can get very pricey.

One product that ranks high on the list is Instant Form Pro by Joel Comm. It comes with somewhat of a hefty price tag when compared to others so how can you know for sure if it’s worth it?

With this program you can create unlimited:

  • Simple Questionnaires
  • Complex Surveys
  • Contact Forms
  • Job Applications
  • Testimonial Generators
  • Database Entry Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • File Uploaders
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Or Collect Data of Virtually Any Kind

I set out to find out what real marketers were saying about this product and there is no better place to go for this information than the Warrior Forums.

What are others saying?

“I haven't actually used 'Instant Form Pro' By Joel yet, I've read up on it though and it looks pretty promising to me as far as functionality/ features go. It may be one of the easiest to use too.” – kierenm

“Just to give people a heads up, Joels software is a PLR version of Appnitro's MachForm 2.0 with some customizations added in. You can get MachForm for like $30” – Daniel Deegan

“I see now that Joel is actually offering a good deal. The company that Gorilla Writer mentions is $39 for one site. Joel's is, I believe $197 for unlimited sites. I think for a "10 pack" the other company is $309 which is supposed to be a bargain. But I still thank Gorilla Writer because I would not have known that had he not posted.” –

And this is response from what appears to be an actual representative of the company, explaining in the Warrior Forums what sets Instant Form Pro apart from similar programs:

“Just want to follow up that while IFP is a joint venture with AppNitro, we added a number of marketing upgrades exclusive to our version.

  • Use on Unlimited Domains (as opposed to 1, Machform 10 license pak $309)
  • Custom Thank You Pages with WYSIWYG
  • Built in Affiliate link on footer and thank you
  • Earn 40% on Every Sale (machform has no affiliate program)
  • Bonus reports for use on Thank you page
  • Simpler installation (takes less time)
  • Extensive video tutorials
  • Automatic upsell of our products on thank you page (optional)

It also makes a great wordpress blog contact form. You can edit the css and embed the code easily into just about anything.

Once you buy it, you own it... no monthly payments and best of all.. Every person who uses your form can purchase it via your affiliate link.

2.5 sales and you basically get IFP for free.... not to mention any commissions you earn from our optional product upsell on the thank you page.

Like I said.. we designed it for Internet Marketers which makes it great for warriors..

Oh.. and did I mention it now works with Aweber?”

Making Sense of it All

So it seems like opinions on this product are all over the place. How do you make sense of it all if you’re looking to get forms for your website? Chances are you need forms now and you don’t have a lot of time to wait around.

Instant Form Pro vs Form Maker Pro

Form Maker Pro is a competitor to Instant Form Pro. If you’re trying to decide between the two, here’s what the IFP rep in Warrior Forums had to say about the two programs:

  1. IFP is more intuitive, ajax based and user friendly. An IFP user will have their first form created in a couple of minutes.. I expect a higher learning curve with FMP based on their demo.
  2. IFP has a more professional form design and easily customizable css.
  3. I don't see any built-in ability in FMP to embed forms into blogs, sites etc. as far as I can tell they are standalone pages. This is huge and an extremely popular feature.
  4. IFP allows you to export data in CSV, or Excel and has a beautiful data viewer built into the admin backend.
  5. IFP has a more advanced Captcha system, actually 2 captcha systems.
  6. IFP integrates with Aweber (once again, this is huge)
  7. IFP can be installed in less than 5 minutes (3 minutes to upload, 1 minute to create DB, 1 min to run install script)
  8. IFP has demo form tutorial videos
  9. IFP has custom wysiwyg thank you pages designed for upsells.
  10. IFP has an affiliate program
  11. We designed IFP for Internet Marketers, looks like they designed for programmers.


So there you have it friends- a breakdown of the product, what it offers and how it stands up next to competition. All in all, this is a great form maker for developers or marketers with multiple sites. It is the cheapest you can get for unlimited licenses and it comes with many additional features making it worth the price. If you only have a single site or only need a simple form, then this might be too much for such simplified usage and there are free or cheaper programs to serve your needs.

Date Reviewed: March 27, 2012, 11:33 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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