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The e-book gives tips on how to acquire sales leads, it provides readymade documents to help gather new business, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee; it is not pricey at $37.97, and most people seem to have nothing but positive thoughts about Clean Up the Profits, a product with so much substantial information can be a life changer for some.


Lots of information in the office cleaning business is available on the Internet, the competition is fierce in this market and perspective.


If you are going to start an office cleaning business, or looking to strengthen an existing one, you may consider investing in this e-book. If Internet searching is your forte, you may well be able to find superb and poignant information online which can prevent this purchase from being necessary. But that search can take time; this e-book has the information you need and it is organized well.

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Clean Up the Profits from Clean Up the Profits
Instant Office Cleaning Kit Review
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Instant Office Cleaning Kit ("Clean Up the Profits") Guide - REVIEW

Clean Up the Profits is a comprehensive e-book that teaches you how to start an office cleaning business from scratch, and how to operate it profitably. The product has been created by Sam Rodman, who has been running a successful cleaning company called “Edison Office Cleaning” since 1992. 

The mainstay of Rodman’s office cleaning start-up guide is that it not only teaches you how to clean an office efficiently, but more importantly, how to get customers in this fiercely competitive business. It tells you in a simple language how you can win new accounts and how to price your services to achieve sustainable sales and profits in this business in the long run.

What will you learn?

Most instant office cleaning kits will have a central focus on how to perform a good cleaning job within the minimum amount of time. This information by itself is not really worth your money because, frankly speaking, cleaning is no rocket science and you do not need to purchase an e-book to learn how to clean well. The Internet is full of free resources that can give you equally good tips on how to clean an office.

With Clean Up the Profits guide, you will learn how to get started with your new office cleaning business quick and easy. It will provide you useful insights on how to appeal to new clients in your local area of operation without having to invest in costly advertising and business promotion. It will give you tips on how to organize each cleaning job with an aim to accomplish more jobs in a single day to generate more revenue. You will learn to how to present a professional image for your business and achieve top dollar for your services.
Document Support

One of the hurdles many new entrants to an office cleaning business face is how to create professional documents that can impress potential clients and help you achieve and accumulate more business. Like much of the competition, Clean Up the Profits provides you with a readymade “Introduction Letter” for your business that works as a strong sales pitch to attract a potential client who could be interested in your services. The letter will distinguish you from your competitors and create a solid first impression in the eyes of potential clients. 

The other key document which you will receive with the kit is a Professional Service Agreement. This is a professionally created bid document that is likely to give a distinct competitive advantage over others. Once you have sent the Introduction Letter and the Bid Document to a potential client, you can then standby for a the response. Thereafter, you can send a Bid follow-up letter, which is also readily provided in this kit.

Extras in the Package

Clean Up the Profits package provides you a “Square Feet Estimating Chart,” which is a handy estimating tool for your business. With this tool you can give accurate estimates to the client, and more importantly, you will come across as a seasoned professional in the eyes of the client. Clients do not like guesswork, and they want actual figures which this tool will provide you. The package also includes ready to use forms and samples that will help in your business at every step. Clean Up the Profits will make you look more professional and squared away than you already are.


Clean Up the Profits e-book is available for download at a price of $37.97. The product comes with an unconditional 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

What Others are Saying

Customer comments are mostly positive about Clean Up the Profits. A user at says, "The book is absolutely awesome. I was very skeptical at first, so much that it took almost two years to order this E-book. Well, to make a long story short I ordered it 4 months ago and loved it. I recommend it to anyone starting out."

Another user at sums up the product with these comments: “I personally do not see that you could turn that $37.97 into a lucrative cleaning business alone, yet I do think that it could be a step in the right direction. If you are serious about beginning a venture into a cleaning business and that is the type of business that you will be passionate about plus enjoy building, I think that it is a small investment that may spark many ideas that will prompt you to build a successful business.”

Date Reviewed: December 8, 2011, 9:35 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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