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This is a solid product that comes with a money back guarantee. It's worth the price as you'll definitely save more than what you pay for it no matter what, even if you only decide to follow a couple of Intelligent Cruiser's suggestions.


You could probably find similar things online for free but they wouldn't be in a complete package like this.


If you've worked hard to save enough to go on a cruise, Intelligent Cruiser should be worth checking out so you get the most out of your trip without overpaying.

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Intelligent Cruiser Review
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Review of "Intelligent Cruiser" by David Kirkland

Everyone considers taking a cruise at one point or another and many of us will save up for our dream vacation for one to even ten years to make this dream a reality. The thing is, most of us have no idea what we're in for. You can take a look at the most popular cruise lines websites right now and everything seems perfect. They tell you where you'll be, what exciting adventures you can go on, where you stop during your trip and the shopping opportunities and special tours there, and of course, all the on ship entertainment possibilities.

What you aren't typically told is that once you get on that ship, everything costs an arm and a leg. That scuba diving excursion that you think comes with the cruise price tag costs an extra $500, a bottle of water costs $5 and if you want a snack and it's not dinner time, you'll be paying a fortune. Add in some margaritas for lounging by the pool or beach and your already expensive $2000 per person cruise is doubled or even tripled over the course of your trip. You might just write this off as part of the vacation but why should you pay so much if you don't absolutely have to right?

Intelligent Cruiser is a huge package of products from a 10 year veteran of the cruise industry by the name of David Kirkland. Many of us have heard about how it is to work on a cruise line and the rough conditions the employees face. The creator of Intelligent Cruiser put in 10 years and during that time realized the goal of any cruise line is to make as much money off the customers as possible. We can't blame them for that, they're a business and businesses want to make money. What we can do is limit how much we, personally, are giving them during our trip while still doing all the things we want to do and having the trip of our dreams.

Intelligent Cruiser comes with:

The Ultimate Cruise Savings Guide
- This is the most comprehensive guide to saving money on every aspect of your cruise without having to take a "cheap" cruise that doesn't offer everything you want. This guide works for everything from a short 2-day Mexico cruise to a massive 21-day Caribbean adventure and doesn't pull any punches in how the industry works. Most of the tips in here are very easy to implement and are so simple you won't believe you didn't think of it yourself. It also goes into depth on how to make certain crew members your "personal" crew during the cruise, paving the way for many discounts.

VIP Treatment Guide - How to get yourself on the VIP list. Most of the time you are able to do this without ever paying for it, committing to anything or joining weird clubs. It's just a few simple things that your average Joe just wouldn't think about.

Cruise Truths Exposed - This guide tells you what most cruise lines do to help you spend your money on things you wouldn't think you needed if they didn't insist you did. Certain activities to avoid and shopping areas that are primarily for tourists and way overpriced in tons of ports. Why pay full price for a souvenir by the boat when you can take a nice walk and get that $50 item for $1?
In addition to these main products you'll get bonuses including free airfare strategies, how to lower your overall cruise fair, how to get free cabin upgrades, a packing list, casino guide and much more.  

User Testimonials for Intelligent Cruiser

Amelia Williams (Product User)

"My boyfriend and I are taking our first cruise and I'm so glad I ordered your download. I've learned so much and I can't wait to put to use the valuable information I've read"

Crazycraftmama (Cruisecritic Forums)

"I actually did download the book and have read it. I found it very interesting."

The Bottom Line

I've only been on day trips so don't have much personal experience in this area but was able to secure this product for research purposes and it seems like great information. All of these inside tips and secrets are coming from a long time employee in this profession and he seems to know his stuff. Many of his tips are very easy to put into action such as bringing along your own water bottles to refill at the water fountains instead of shelling out $5 every time you go sunbathing, swimming or just wandering around on the boat or on shore.

You can attempt to use this in tandem with a travel blog money-making system for even more savings/discounts but your mileage will definitely vary.
Date Reviewed: March 27, 2012, 4:43 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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