Intex Ultra Frame 18-by-9-Foot-by-52-Inch Rectangular Pool Set
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Intex Ultra Frame 18x9 Rectangular Swimming Pool Review From: Intex

Large and deep, big enough to do laps and play games. Easy to construct and maintain. Good value.

Site preparation essential and ladder a bit wobbly. Check warranty in case of leaks.

A great buy - perfect for summer fun.

Heard good things about metal framed swimming pools? You're about to hear more...

OK, paddling pools for the kids are one thing, but is it really possible to buy an affordable, above ground pool that you can actually swim in?

Check out the Intex Ultra Frame 18-by-9-Foot-by-52-Inch Rectangular Pool Set

For under $1000 you get a large size, ultra-frame, family pool.

Ultra frame means it's made out of metal: so sturdy and convenient. The beams are rust-resistant and the joints snap together for fast assembly.

And it's a rectangle! So you can swim laps and play games.

'Great for any yard,' say the manufacturers. The package comes with a filter pump, ladder, ground cloth, cover, volleyball set and DVD to help you get it up and running (or swimming, if you prefer).

'Be the envy of the neighbourhood.'

You can already imagine the pool parties, the happy kids, the family get togethers... but don't you need a steel-walled pool for something this size? No, say Intex. Metal framed pools offer the toughness of steel without the hassle and cost. Simple to put up and take down, and you can have it ready for action in as little as 60 minutes.

For families who don't live near to a public pool - or just those who love the sounds of happy kids splashing around in the yard - then this could be the purchase of the summer.

So, what to the buyers of this pool have to say?
'Great little pool,' said one customer, 'so far very happy, great value for looks pretty good and the quality seems quite high.'

And does it go up as easily as the manufacturers claim?

Yes is the answer - if you get help and follow the directions exactly.
'It's easy to set up but takes some time,' advised one mom. 'Especially if there is only two people, but you can do it. Just give yourself the whole day to set it up, don't rush!'
And many buyers advised the preparation of the site is an 'absolute must.'

'Ensure that you make this pool level and that your supports have the recommended wood or cement so that they won't sink. We made the mistake of putting the supports on freshly installed pavers which sunk down once the pool was filled... So we had to drain it, fix the pavers and refill the pool.'

'I used the Tyvek underneath it, along with the ground cloth,' advised another. 'The boards under the supports are a necessity. I was concerned when the sides started to bow in while filling it with water, but when it was full, they straightened right out.'
And once you've done that, this is, 'the best substitute for a real pool! It is HUGE!! and deep! The kids can swim laps, do somersaults, play on rafts. Also, as an adult I can get in some laps too,' said one happy customer.'
And it's not just for kids. One 66 year old lady reports that she, 'cannot say enough good things about it. It's perfect. The only thing I would change is not waiting so long to get one!'
'I am happier and healthier,' she adds. 'Life is good and so is this wonderful pool. Plus, it's amazing how many new 'friends' I've gotten since word is out I have a pool!'

New friends? That's one thing you can be sure of if you get a pool in your yard!

'Even if this pool only lasts one summer it is well worth it,' said another parent. 'Although I think it will last several summers as it is built very well.'

And it is such good value that one customer bought it purely for short term/temporary water storage. 'This was the cheapest way to store this much water (5,000 gal) I could find at the time,' he reports, adding, 'my site was ready when pool arrived and it took me about an hour to assemble with no help. Instructions were clear and easy to follow.'

But it's about more than storage! As one reviewer noted, 'The pool is made for fun. Kids and adults love it. It was easy to set up. Construction is very good. It can handle abuse from adults and children. Love this pool.'
'You will not be disappointed,' adds another. 

Some customers warn that the set up is a little more difficult than as shown in the video. 'You will need two people to hold the sides while the third person goes around to make adjustments and make sure the liner and supports are properly set,' reports one, but they add that 'it's not rocket science and is a great alternative to a permanent structure.'

You will also need to think about storage space, and heavy people may find the ladder a bit wobbly. Also many people recommended buying the saltwater pool system (also available from Intex) which eliminates the effects of a chlorine system.
This pool is fantastic,' reports one buyer. 'We purchased the salt water filtration pump and couldnt have asked for clearer water. This pool is also plenty big for a family of four or for a group of kids to play in without feeling like sardines. 

One customer did report leaks in the liner and was unhappy with the warranty conditions - so check them carefully. 

But for a cheap, easy to manage pool that delivers instant fun, this comes highly recommended.
Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 2:43 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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