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Smokeless freedom. No odor or smoke. Portable. Good customer service.


Some issues with mechanisms breaking. Need high quality butane.


Smoke free without giving up smoking!

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iolite portable vaporizer from iolite
Iolite Portable Vaporizer Review
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REVIEW: Iolite Portable Vaporizer

Did you know there's an alternative to smoking tobacco?

Hi-technology has touched most areas of our lives and smoking is no exception.

With an Iolite Portable Vaporizer you can have 'pure smokeless freedom.'

This handy device - around the size of a smartphone - will vaporize both fresh and dried substances with no smoke, no odor and no irritation to people, animals or environment.

So now you can enjoy your smoke anywhere without bothering anybody!

It is powered by butane, using a 'precision bi-metal thermostat' to ensure that all substances are heated (not burned) and, once heated up (which takes about a minute) there's no waiting between pulls.

You simply fill with butane, turn on the power, activate the thermostat and wait for the orange light to glow, showing that the correct temperature has been reached. Fill the herb chamber with your blend and enjoy anywhere.

One fill of butane will last for 2 hours of continuous vaporization. No expensive batteries or car adaptor kits needed.

'A revolutionary solution for the enjoyment of tobacco in public and confined spaces,' say iolite. It costs $140.81 - not cheap, but you'll be saving money on tobacco, because vaporization (not combustion) is used.

No more money up in smoke!

Ultra portable and available in a range of colors, the device will easily fit in the palm of your hand, pocket, bag or glove compartment.

No cord, batteries or leads. Use on the go! Replacement parts are available (mouthpieces, mesh screens and chamber) and the vaporizer comes with a two-year limited warranty (although replacement parts come under the category of cleaning and maintenance).

So what do smokers think of this device?

Well early adopters report that the pipe stem was prone to breaking, however they all received replacement parts and the design of the pipe stem has been changed so that it doesn't break off anymore.

And people were able to get replacements retrospectively. 'When I heard the problems with the plastic pipe-stem had been addressed,' one user reports. 'I e-mailed the company about the problems I'd had. They quickly mailed me two of the new ones: no charge. Kudos.'

And many users absolutely love this product.

'As far as vaporizers go, I've seen none better for the combination of quality design and portability,' said one.

Many advised using good quality butane.

'It's important to use a high-quality, triple-filtered butane,' said a customer, '...otherwise the Iolite will spit, sputter... and occasionally won't ignite.'

'The web site lists approved fuels,' said another. 'If you have problems starting, you are likely using an inferior fuel.'

And others advised on cleaning regularly, 'carry it around in the zippered pouch it comes with, don't just stick it in your pocket' and making sure that your blend is dry, 'if your unit gunks up quickly, it is too moist and will also be harsh your throat.'

Which is not what you want from a vaporizer - after all, one of the selling points is that using blends this way is less of a lung irritant.

'After I got the hang of it I really appreciate the non stress on my lungs,' said a reviewer. 'I am able to run better and I just feel healthier.'

There are You Tube videos showing how to use the product properly, and there does seem to be a knack. However once you've cracked that you won't want to turn back.

'This product is absolutely amazing!' said one. 'I bought it because I just wanted to stop smoking in my car so I needed an alternative and I have not smoked since! The design of this thing is incredible. Just as light weight as a juice box. Literally smokeless freedom.'

And I'm sure the people around you will appreciate this smokeless-ness too!

'A big plus is that there is no smell,' said one user.

A few people noted that the product is plastic and 'feels cheap.' Some reported failures in the spark mechanism and others did not like the butane.

'The vaporization technology is good. The problem is the butane. The iolite is difficult to fill unless you find a brand of butane that has a nipple that is compatible with the iolite,' reported one reviewer.

But having said that, relative to other vaporizers, the iolite is relatively durable and the company responds well to customer issues.

'Great little device. No lung irritation, great effects, great taste,' said one.

'I absolutely love the iolite,' reported another. 'I've had mine for almost two years now, and it has been very good to me. I use less product, I can use it whenever, wherever I want, and my lungs love me for it! At the beginning of this year, my iolite just stopped working. I believe it was because I used cheap butane. Thankfully, they replaced it for me (free of charge) and it's been running like a champ ever since.'

You should note that this product will not operate at high altitudes: 'I brought this with me when I visited my friend in Colorado,' said a traveller, 'but found it extremely hard to light (if I could get it to light at all) as soon as I entered the mountains.'

And others advise being patient 'with both the machine and the learning process.'

The rewards will come with cleaner car, house, basement, lungs and environment!

'Nice device.'
Date Reviewed: April 12, 2012, 6:23 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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