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It contains a GPS device, hands-free phone calling, and radio and MP3 capabilities.


Features can be hard to learn and use at times; the unit still costs around $1,000, despite being cheaper than the competition.


This is a must buy product.

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JVC KWNT30HD 6.1-Inch 2-DIN Navigation Touch HD Radio from JVC
JVC KWNT30HD 61 Inch 2 DIN Navigation Touch HD Radio
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JVC KWNT30HD 6.1-Inch 2-DIN Navigation Touch HD Radio detailed information
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REVIEW: JVC KWNT30HD Navigation Touch (6.1 inch, HD, Radio)

Although the learning curve is steep, the JVC KWNT30HD Navigation Touch HD Radio is a sleek, lightweight alternative to popular GPS radios, with Garmin-like accuracy and a crystal-clear digital screen.  Even better news: Its front-mounted USB port works with most iPhone, iPods, and USB MP3 players.  Here's my review.

  • Works with most MP3 players
  • Contains HD radio with GPS navigation
  • Allows you to receive calls hands-free

  • Hard to use at first; steep learning curve
  • Expensive--one unit costs nearly $1,000
  • Screen may look cluttered at times

Design-wise, the JVC KWNT30HD Navigation Touch HD Radio looks like your standard GPS device.  Measuring 6.1 inches wide, it's also a fairly small device as well, but sturdy and lightweight--perfect for mounting anywhere in your vehicle (though most suggest mounting it by your vehicle's radio).  The monitor, which you should note is touchpad sensitive, also displays images in clear, digital format, with GPS routes and streets displayed in vivid detail.  My only complaint here is that the images on the monitor looked cluttered at times; sometimes, it displayed so much information that it made it hard to understand everything on the screen.

To adjust radio channels or navigate the radio, JVC also comes equipped with a set of easy-to-use buttons and dials, positioned on the radio's left-hand side.  During testing, customers reported that this too was not a hassle to use, and didn't get "sticky" or hard to move at any time.  Overall, the JVC is designed well, and works great functionally.

Feature-wise, this radio is packed full of them--from its high-powered HD radio to hands-free phone calling.  The HD radio itself is worthy of mention, since, according to its manufacturer, is able to tune into up to 2,000 radio stations, far more than typical satellite radio devices, such as the Sirius XM.  If listening to radio isn't up to par, you can also listen to your music via MP3 player; JVC also allows you to play music from your MP3 player by connecting it through its front-mounted USB port.

Using Bluetooth technology, the JVC also allows you to take phone calls hands-free--better yet, the setup is wireless, so you needn't deal with messy cables or plugs to enable it to work.  This seems to a favorite feature among most customers.  Then lastly, there's the GPS itself, which, among the radio's overall features, scarcely stands out, since it's not anything special--but it's very accurate and works well.  Most customers who have used it say it is comparable to the Garmin, one of the best GPS devices out on the market.
Overall, this radio is packed with features--sometimes so many that customers find them dizzying, and hard to figure out at first.

Surprisingly enough, few customers had anything to complain about; most found the radio easy to use and flaw-free.  The only real issue that customers continued to complain about was learning how to use the device; oftentimes, they thought the number of features were just too overwhelming to understand at first, hence why I said this device has a high learning curve.

"Once I got familiar with the menus it is fairly easy to move between functions," says one customer. "But it does take a little time to get through the screens because there are so many features."

However, despite this problem, most customers give it nearly perfect ratings--on, all except for one customer gives it 5 stars; one customer gave it 4 stars.

"I've been nothing but happy with it so far," shares one customer.  "We can switch easily between phones, it displays our name and all we have to do is click on the phone we want to use."

Overall,  the JVC KWNT30HD Navigation Touch HD Radio is an excellent, and perhaps a better, alternative compared to other HD-GPS radios.  The touchpad screen will serve well during on-the-road travel (no need to stumble with needless buttons), the HD radio can tune into thousands of stations with crystal-clear quality, and its multiple MP3 and phone capabilities should be more than useful for both casual and business travelers.  As a HD radio, this device comes highly recommended.
Date Reviewed: April 13, 2012, 3:39 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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