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It is comprehensive and concise. Hundreds of clear diagrams Drug terminology and explanations. Excellent study aid.


No cons of the product itself. Making a statement that so much material can be learned in three days doesn't really make any sense. The product can sell itself on its own merits.


I would definitely recommend buying this product. It will be a great supplement to your studies and to professionals currently working and needing a review, It is contained in one place and easily accessible as a great reference. Good luck studying!

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James Ross Anatomy Physiology Review
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Dr. James Ross' Human Anatomy and Physiology Course - REVIEW

Learn Human Anatomy and Physiology in 3 days!

I have taken Human Anatomy and Physiology, it is a two semester course. We were expected to spend 3 hours studying for each hour lectured. Over a 12 week class period, that comes up to 36 hours of lecture plus 120 hours of studying, just to learn half of this course.

There are 11 body systems, 5 types of bones, 305 bones in the human body and 26 bones in your hand alone. There is a process that causes bones to be made and a separate process that for their natural breakdown. Memorizing and identifying that many bones, how they are put together and the systems of generation and degeneration alone would be a challenge in three days and this is probably the easiest of the eleven systems to learn.

Why do people take Anatomy and Physiology?

People take A & P to get into medical school. This group in particular know Anatomy and Physiology is quite often a prerequisite course for their medical school applications and high grades are required! Not to mention nursing students, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, ultrasound people, exercise physiologists and massage therapists who need to have a solid grasp on this subject matter. All of these groups are contributing a lot of time and money to know this subject matter cold. People depend on these professionals to have a solid grasp of this course material and study aids and tools are always useful.

How could I possibly learn a course like this in 3 days?

They have a system....... I will see what users have to say about that in a minute.

What is on offer?

The course is a comprehensive package of course material with simple and concise information broken down into lesson plans complete with learning objectives, key terms and lesson review points. It is all on three CDs and available for $37.

It is broken down into two sections:

Section 1 :
  • The first component of section one covers Anatomy and this section is broken down by body system to teach the names of all the parts.
  • The second component of the course covers the Physiology of each of the same body systems.
  • The third component of the course discusses medical terminology.
  • The fourth component goes into the Pathophysiology of Diseases affecting the body systems.
  • Each section contains a glossary of terms, diagrams, and lesson review.

Section 2:
  • Drugs and their interactions. Reference guides used by pharmacists.

What do the users say about this course?

This course was discussed and dismissed on the forum as too gimmicky and essentially impossible to learn and retain this type of course material over the course of a week. Having studied the subject matter, I would agree. However, as a study aid for only 37 dollars, this is an investment I would not have hesitated to make had I seen this course a few years ago.

Another reviewer, which may be a soft sell approach to sell the product agreed the downside is the presumption that this amount of course material could possibly be learned in three days. She also thought the courses were a bit repetitive and that the course itself does not follow typical pathways to learning which may throw some people off a bit.

On the positive side, the course materials, the slides and the descriptions are excellent, comprehensible and laid out in a simple and straightforward format. It provides aids in learning complex systems with effective tips and strategies for memory retention.

Another user said the course is a good complement to textbooks by Marieb and Tortora. Essentially, it's a distillation of the whole subject in a way that you understand the specifics without getting too caught up in the non-essentials. It makes A&P less intimidating.


As a student in Anatomy and Physiology I was always looking for new ways to create effective study tools. This course does that for you and makes studying, learning and retaining the material easy and effective. This would be a good investment for anybody wanting to succeed at a course that is information dense, full of unfamiliar terminology and very necessary to give you a solid foundation in your program of study.

Date Reviewed: January 9, 2012, 7:36 pm
Reviewed by marilee
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