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Award winning team, backing of a fast growing company, do not have to drive anywhere, can practice whenever you want


No details are provided about the specific credentials or identity of guitar teachers


If you are looking for online guitar training at a competitive price, go for Jamorama Guitar Course.

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Jamorama Guitar Course from Rock Star Recipes
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Jamorama Guitar Course (Online Training) REVIEW - Here's what real customers think...

Jamorama Guitar Course is an online guitar training program to help you master guitar within the comfort of your own home. The company Rock Star Recipes that provides this course claims that more than 200,000 people have already benefitted from this course by learning guitar at their own pace.

Each of the Jamorama Guitar Course lessons is accompanied with superior quality videos and professional recordings of jam tracks that allow you to play along with real music on your computer. This provides a learner with the virtual experience of how it feels to play guitar along with real musicians.


Jamorama Guitar Course turns out to be far cheaper than learning guitar from a tutor. The course is ideal for beginners, and the company claims to have perfected its online guitar lessons over the years. The course provides you with an innovative ear training system that teaches your ears to recognize common chords and progressions. The course also provides step by step lessons on how to perform along with songs on radio or with other live musicians.

The program’s professionally recorded JamTracks let you learn how to jam, which helps when you obtain an opportunity to play with real musicians. Jamorama Guitar Course also provides guidance and exercises to improve the agility and strength of your fingers and reduce the physical strain involved. The course also teaches you how to set your guitar correctly and how to maintain it properly.

Customer Satisfaction

Jamorama Guitar Course is recommended by a large number of online resources related to guitar learning. Their website receives visitors from all over the world. Rock Star Recipes claims that a recent customer satisfaction survey revealed that 83 percent of Jamorama students who were a part of the survey stated that they would recommend this online training course to their family and friends. The official website of Jamorama also lists a number of positive customer testimonials along with actual videos as a display of authenticity.

Award-winning Team

Jamorama guitar teachers are required to maintain a very high standard of teaching quality and skill. They are expected to be a master teacher with the ability to train the students in playing complex concepts. Jamorama’s teachers have the exposure to work with some of top musicians of all time, including Bob Dylan and Patti Smith.

The team of Jamorama has won awards for Small Business Excellence and Creative Initiative in 2007 and 2008. In recent times, the company Rock Star Recipes has been named as one of the fastest growing companies in Australasia in the Deloitte Fastest 500. 

This is a wonderful idea. How many parents can afford private guitar lessons? With unnecessary and frustrating high gas prices, with this product, you do not have to drive your kids anywhere for guitar lessons. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about leaving your child with a stranger. Also, if your child or even an adult, anyone, decides playing the guitar is not all that what it is cracked up to be and it is not for them, you only have to say it is not for me to an inanimate object, not to any music school or actual guitar teacher. CDs, for instance, do not have feelings. You simply throw them on your Bose stereo and enjoy them when you choose.


Jamorama Guitar Course includes more than 250 pages of lessons, 26 JamTracks, and 148 video based lessons. The company sells its Beginner to Intermediate Course at $29.95 and Intermediate to Advanced Course at $22.95. The package is sold in the form of e-books, CD Rom, and DVDs. The product comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

What Others are Saying

Jamorama has received excellent reviews and feedback from third parties and actual customers. One of the customers at says, “I have been playing for a couple of months and for the cost of less than one private lesson Jamorama gives you SO much to work with. I just can't believe what amazingly good value it is. Before I bought the system I signed up for the free trial of six lessons which lets you know exactly what the format is like. The actual lessons are identical and build knowledge gradually with practice routines you can take at your own pace and revisit as often as you like. Ideal.”


Date Reviewed: December 3, 2011, 2:31 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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