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JetSet Spanish Review From: Libros Media

Fun, Interactive videos that will make learning conversational Spanish easy. You can't beat the 60-day money back guarantee either.

It's not super comprehensive but it's not meant to be.

If you want to start speaking and understanding Spanish as soon as possible, this program is great and there's a free lesson available on the website.

"JetSet Spanish" by Mauricio Evlampieff - REVIEW

Learning a new language can often be a boring, time-consuming process and even if you take live classes at a University, you'll usually find yourself learning ridiculous phrases that nobody would ever say in real life or they are so outdated you'd probably be giggled at. "Donde esta la bibliotecha" is one I remember from my Spanish class and "where is the library" doesn't seem very useful for someone going on vacation or a business trip does it? I didn't think so.

JetSet Spanish is actually the newest product from the well known "Rocket Languages" line of language training products. JetSet Spanish builds on the most popular parts of Rocket Spanish which are the visual learning elements. You will watch and learn practical Spanish in 15 lessons. This program focuses on you being able to speak and understand people whether it's for business or pleasure and doesn't waste time teaching you things you know you won't need.

The creator of JetSet Spanish has been in the linguistics business for many years and this is evident in the products put out by this company. Even before we get into this review, there's a good chance it will be something pretty good.

Let's take a look at what's offered in the JetSet Spanish program

JetSet Spanish Includes

15 Interactive Spanish Lessons - These are very unique and focus on things like travel, hotels, clubs, dining, casual conversations, medicine and things you should know if you're going to a Spanish speaking area. A neat thing about these videos is that they have branching conversations so you can replay them with an entirely different outcome throughout the video and this helps reinforce what you're learning. You can toggle on English or Spanish subtitles as well. 

JetSet Spanish Membership Area Access - This pretty much is a place for some questions and where you can download your product. You are only allowed to download it twice so if you have a lot of devices, make sure to install this on the ones you plan to use for studying it. A tablet or laptop is great for travelers and a PC would work best for someone studying up before the trip.

Free Back-Up Disc - Get a virus? Kids delete it? You've got a backup copy on hand. This is also good if you forget to install it on your travel device and don't have Internet access. 

60-day Money-back Guarantee - You can try this out for 60 days and if you don't like it for some reason, get a refund. This is a pretty good testimonial in itself.

User Testimonials

Anonymous (SmartAnswers User)

"Whether you're new to the Spanish language or you've been learning for a while, JetSet Spanish will take your Spanish speaking skills to to a whole new level and you'll have a lot of fun along the way."

Administrator (Learnspanishreview)

"...It would certainly be a fast way to learn Spanish to this level and you could even watch it on the plane as you flew to your exotic Spanish speaking location..."

The Bottom Line

This is one of the fastest Spanish learning programs around but you will sacrifice some knowledge in exchange for this speed. JetSet Spanish's sister program, Rocket Spanish is more comprehensive but takes a lot more time. This is the tradeoff with this product so you should decide well in advance which one you need. Spring Break in Mazatlan or a week business trip, JetSet Spanish would be perfect. Moving there? Rocket Spanish would absolutely be a better choice.

The coolest feature of JetSet Spanish is the branching conversational choices in the videos. It turns a lesson into more of an interactive "choose your path" type learning experience.
Date Reviewed: March 27, 2012, 11:32 am
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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