Jim Cramer’s Action Alert PLUS
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Jim Cramer Action Alerts Plus Review From: The Street, Inc.

Strong at entry points, good for new investors.

Weaker on exit calls, excessively large portfolio.

Consider the free trial offer, and if you feel comfortable, buy it for one year. Jim Cramer was a winning hedge fund manager but his track record for picking stocks is mixed. He does have many supporters though.

Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts PLUS Review – Profitable Picks? Or Just More "Noise"?

If you trade in the stock market or aspire to do so, you should take a close look at Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts PLUS. Jim, along with his co-manager Stephanie Link, generates astute trade ideas with an aim to deliver real net wins in the stock market for his clients.

Brains Behind Action Alerts PLUS

Jim Cramer is a highly respected stock market expert, better known for the Mad Money TV Show that he hosts for CNBC. He also makes frequent appearances at several other TV programs, including The Today Show. Jim founded TheStreet in 1996, and has authored five books including the latest #1 New York Times bestseller “Getting Back to Even”.

Stephanie Link is the Director of Research and VP of Strategy for TheStreet, who co-manages the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio with Jim. In combination with a team of highly talented research professionals, Jim and Stephanie pick the choicest stocks and develop the trading strategy for Action Alerts PLUS.

Can Action Alerts PLUS help you?

Action Alerts PLUS is a subscription service that sends you stock alerts via email and through the website whenever Jim recommends that a stock should be bought or sold. Jim backs up his decision with a detailed rationale to help his subscribers understand why he is making that decision.

As a stock market investor, your advantage is that you receive the guidance and tips from a market expert and learn from his extensive Wall Street experience. Action Alert PLUS provides you with the tools you need to make an informed decision. So even if you do not trade, you can still learn how to make sharp trading decisions in the stock market.

Should you buy this service?

If you are keen to trade actively in the stock market, or you are simply someone who wishes to learn the decision-making process in stocks trade, Action Alerts PLUS may be a good investment for you. The subscription will provide you with plenty of useful information and effective trading tools.

It will cut down your time you might otherwise spend researching the right stocks to invest in. It is fairly user-friendly for new investors and operates a comfortable pace for new entrants to cope with. Action Alerts PLUS website is a storehouse of valuable information that is exclusively available to subscribers.

No Guarantee of Success

A word of caution for new investors is that nobody has a magic wand to ensure guaranteed success in the stock markets. One of the customer reviews about Jim Cramer says, “I have watched people lose a lot of money following his newsletter. Some of his ideas pan out, eventually, but there can be a lot of pain along the way - and you don't know if the ideas will work out, or not, or how long it will be until you do know.”

In fact, Cramer's track record for picking stocks is not that special and buying and trading stocks because and when he says so is putting too much weight and trust in one person. There have been some amazing companies that he has downgraded or issued sell alerts on when the numbers did not support his recommendationon that particular stock.

Free Trial Offer

The best way to go about Action Alerts PLUS may be to first opt for its free trial offer. If it excites you enough or if you understand Cramer’s stock picking rationale, you may initiate a full year’s paid subscription. The company is currently offering Jim’s #1 New York Times bestseller “Learn How to Invest from Jim” for free, with a new annual subscription.


Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:34 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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