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Relevant, practical advice on how to answer job interview questions, particularly the tough ones. Good endorsements and reviews. Well written, clear.


More useful for for those with no formal interview training. Pricey.


Great place to start reviewing your approach to interviews, especially if you have had a few rejections and are wondering 'what went wrong.'

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Job Interview Answers ("Ultimate Guide") by Bob Firestone - REVIEW

Landing your dream job is no simple exercise, as we all know.

First you have to find the posting, then you apply - a challenge in itself - then the nail-biting wait to see if you've been selected for interview.

You have! Congratulations. But now the real hard work starts. You may be plagued by nerves, or unsure of how best to present yourself, or worried that you'll become tongue-tied and not do yourself justice.

Bob Firestone can help.

'Learn Word for Word EXACTLY What You Need To Say To Get Hired!' he says. His downloadable eBook is packed with 'secret' answers to those tricky questions, helping you come across as the poised professional you know you can be (if you could only get rid of those damn nerves...)

There can be no argument that preparation will help and that is where this guide comes in. Your interviewers will want specifics: details of projects, people and outcomes. They will ask about your roles in whatever industry you work in (for this person, it's the writing industry), your ability to handle pressure and deadlines, and your relationships with your co-workers. 

It's a test and the more you prepare the better you will do.

Mr Firestone's guide contains detailed examples of 'modern, trust-building, faith-generating, persuasive' job interview answers for today's complex business world.
You will learn how to 'spin' your work experience to fit the job; how to calm nerves and appear confident; which professional words and phrases to use.

And, importantly, the guide goes into detail over how to manage tricky questions such as 'Why did you leave your last job?', 'What do you do when people disagree with your ideas?' and 'Why should we hire you? What can you do for us that someone else can not?'

The tough questions are broken down into types - for example 'problem solving questions' and 'behavioral interviewing' questions. The first type tests your critical thinking skills and the second reveals your thought processes. 

The advice given in the sample answers is good: eg use an example that is similar to a problem you are likely to face in the job you are applying for; show that you are able elicit ideas from others and listen well.

You'll be filled with motivation and confidence after reading this guide, says Bob. 

The guide is 81 pages long and as well as interview answers, contains closing 'power statements' and questions for your to use to 'uncover the interviewer's needs'. 

The guide also teaches you how to do a S.W.O.T analysis (your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), how to set goals and crucial things not to say or do in a job interview.

It costs $37 to download and the website includes many positive endorsements. 'Your Guide really opened my eyes!' said one. 'The Interview Answers are definitely new and different. Great resource. Highly recommended.'

And other reviewers praise the simple, direct approach. You are encouraged to be clear and succinct in giving answers, refrain from going into too much detail (unless asked), not to be negative about former bosses or colleagues, not to change answers during an interview and never give personal or emotional issues as a reason for leaving a job.

Valuable advice.

As is the advice to prepare answers and practise in advance. You are encouraged to write out answers to potentially tough questions, answer them quickly and then change the subject by asking your interviewers (relevant) questions.

And it seems that the method works.

'Your book helped me to answer the questions from the panel more confidently. I will definitely recommend this book to others,' said one user.

Other reviewers agree that the guide is thorough in 'covering basics' and will be useful to those who have little or no formal training on how to answer interview questions.

It is not, they say, a 'quick fix' and you will need to be prepared to put in some work beforehand. However in the current competitive job environment, the guide is recommended as 'definitely a good source of help.'

It is described as 'well written, using straightforward, everyday language, with a bit of humour here and there.'

The only downsides mentioned is that the material is a touch long-winded and has no table of contents, with the bonus sections of 'mixed value.'

However overall this is relevant, considered and useful material which should definitely help you prepare to shine!
Date Reviewed: January 31, 2012, 5:42 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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