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Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller Review From: Joovy

A great tandem stroller if you have one that can walk and one that is still a baby.

This won't work for twins or someone with two very small children because one child has to stand.

All in all,it's a great looking stroller with great features for a reasonable price.

Get Groovy with the Joovy Tandem Stroller

Are you the parent of an baby and a toddler? This tandem stroller may be just what you need!

I have reviewed quite a few strollers in the past few days and none of them made me stop and think, wow, this is really cool.  I have really been thinking of getting one of those jogging strollers but I may have just found exactly what I need.  It was quite shocking to see that this is made for two children and I had to read further because it only has one seat.  Now how can my new baby and my toddler both ride in one seat?  Ah, this is the caveat; there is a back panel for the older child to stand on while you are running your errands. 

This is so very cool in my opinion and something that made me stop and really think about what I want and what I need in a new stroller.

Product Features

  • Tandem Design
  • Rear Stand
  • Compact
  • Infant Car Seat Attachment
  • Storage Basket
  • Child Tray
  • Cup Holders
  • Trigger Fold

Now, these are some features that have been shown on other strollers but when you add them all together it just adds to this one.  The one thing that I have found about this stroller to be completely shocking is the price which is very low for what you are getting.  It is selling for just over a hundred dollars so those families that are budget conscious or who cannot afford the expensive strollers can definitely afford this one.  The small details are great and when I was looking at this stroller I did not even look at the price.  I figured it would be competitive with other high end strollers I have been considering.  But I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw how reasonably priced this stroller is.

Other Reasons I Like This

Besides the price and the rear stand I really like that this is lightweight and that is portable and fits in my car easily.  My family is pretty large so space is taken with soccer practice gear and other items so being able to save room is paramount.  I also love the fact that I can simply snap in my baby’s car seat without any effort and I do not have to move him out of it to put him in the stroller.  This is a real time saver for me and for my family and we are very busy so time is always an issue.  I can also strap in my older daughter in the back if she gets too tired to stand which is a great option.

What Can Be Improved Upon

There are some issues with this stroller that really do need to be addressed and they are small ones so they may not make me change my mind about purchasing this.  First, the front seat does not recline back enough for a baby who has not yet learned to sit up.  Of course using a car seat can make that a moot point but at the end of the day, not all car seats fit this stroller so if yours does not, then you may be in trouble.  Also, when the front seat is in its reclining position, there is very little room on the rear stand for another child.  While they can stand there, it is not the most comfortable position and there are also issues with reaching the basket when both children are sitting.

What Others Think

AmandaSunshine says, “Much easier to push than a double. Meets our needs, but could use more storage. Also the child in front must be able to sit up very well on their own. This stroller is not good for very small children. Good value.”
MommyLike states, “love this stroller. I purchased it for my 2 and half year old daughter and my new born. Its easy to use and and its not as big as other strollers are so you fit through doors very easy. My daughter loves it and its very easy to have her sit in and out of the stroller when needed like when you go to Disneyland. The only thing is that I wish the chair would recline a little more but its still good for the price. I recommend this stroller to all those parents of two. It allowes you to still be able to function wether you are alone or with someone else.
Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend”


While there are a few issues with this stroller, overall it is really worth the price tag particularly for those families who are suffering from the financial issues we have all suffered through recently.  It is handy for parents who have more than one young child and who do not want to have a double stroller.  I am seriously considering this for my family and I suggest you do too. It's also comfortably priced when compared to other tandem strollers.

Date Reviewed: May 21, 2012, 1:37 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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