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Just2Trade Discount Broker Review From: Success Trade Securities, Inc. Washington, DC

Low commissions, low margin rates, transparent pricing

Minimum $2,500 account balance required, minimal customer support and training

Reliable and secure online trading platform with amazingly low commissions. This is an enticing choice if you have sufficient online trading knowledge and experience.

Just2Trade Broker (Stocks, Options) Review - Just another discount broker? Or something special?

Just2Trade is one of the leading online brokers for stocks and options. Its parent company Success Trade Securities, Inc. was founded in 1999, and is a member of FINRA and SIPC. Unlike many other online brokers, Just2Trade differentiates itself clearly and has carved a niche for itself in a highly competitive online discount broking business. Among the deep discount brokers, Just2Trade is one of the most competitive in terms of commissions on stocks and ETF.

Not for Beginners

Just2Trade differentiates itself by excluding beginners from its ambit altogether. It offers its broking services only for traders with a minimum of two years of trading experience. Traders are expected to have prior knowledge of online trading and personal account management.

Customer training and support is minimal, and the traders are expected to be fairly self-reliant. There are hardly any tutorials or other learning material, and the site does not even have an online trader community or forums. Every trader is required to maintain a minimum account balance of $2,500 at any given point of time.

Very Low Pricing

Just2Trade offers one of the lowest pricing in the industry, with no hidden charges, gimmicks, or unpleasant surprises. It charges a flat commission of $2.50 for unlimited stock trades and $0.50 for unlimited option contracts. With such low margin rates, the platform offers one of the cheapest executions in the industry. However, a surcharge of $0.003 per share is levied for after-hours trading. Just2Trade emphasizes on quality and reliability of trading, despite its low cost operations.

Efficient Trading

Just2Trade provides advanced trading tools to ensure highly efficient trade order entry. Advanced and high speed software applications ensure that you receive up to the millisecond data. The company’s proprietary software is continually enhanced to stay ahead of customer expectations for speed and quality execution of trades. Just2Trade enjoys strong relationships with leading Wall Street market centers that provide a wide range of reliable trade execution centers.

Up to $25 million Account Protection

Just2Trade employs advanced security technology to safeguard your account and personal information. In addition to SIPC coverage of $0.5 million, every Just2Trade account is protected with an additional coverage of $100 million through Lloyd’s of London. This coverage provides up to $24.5 million per account and up to $0.9 million in cash.

Transparent Pricing

The pricing of $2.50 per trade and $0.50 per option contract is as straightforward as it gets in this business. The pricing does not impose any conditions on the minimum number of shares to be traded, or minimum number of trades to be executed.

There is no price minimum, and there is no limit on maximum trades either. There are not any hidden surprises. You will receive the same rate for market, market on open, market on close, limit and stop limit orders. The pricing also includes logical orders and advanced trailing stops at no extra cost.

Awards and Recognition

Just2Trade won the Kiplinger’s “Best Site for Traders” award in 2009 based on cost of stock, mutual fund, and exchange traded fund transactions for trades of any size. It has also won SmartMoney’s “Best Discount Broker for Commissions and Fees” award for 2009 and 2010.

What Others are Saying

Traders are almost universally pleased with the lowest commission rates offered by Just2Trade. However, the surcharge of $0.003 per share in extended hours trading comes as a disappointment to many. Minimal trader support and service, and a minimum account balance of $2,500 also do not go over well with some of the traders.

Date Reviewed: October 28, 2011, 4:28 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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