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Justhost REVIEW - Are they the best hosting for you?

Best Server for the price:

Justhost.com is a great bang for your buck! They offer unlimited GBs of space and transfer, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases. One especially appealing feature is their ANYTIME money back guarantee! I haven't seen that offered anywhere else. They've also got a special promo offer going right now for just $3.50/month... I'm not sure how long that will last but I have a little secret... scroll down to the bottom of their home page and you'll see what I mean. ;-)

What is the best web hosting?

The best web hosting is a good balance of price, ease of use and the ability to be self-sufficient. Justhost.com's basic plan includes a free site builder, free domain name and free instant setup. I like the offer of a free site builder, especially for newcomers to the web space. This can really come in handy because not only will you have templates to create your site but you'll have tech support 24/7 to help you build and maintain it. That's value! 

I can't tell you how many times I've had to turn to my web designer for little things which then builds loyalty and obligation for bigger things. Even if I could find a better rate somewhere else I'm afraid to shift because my web designer knows the details and ins and outs of my website better than anyone. It's like having a car mechanic you believe is overcharging you and not doing the best job for you but your car's still running and since you're not a mechanic yourself you figure better to stick with the devil you know.

When I was just starting out it never occurred to me how having a web designer becomes a long term commitment. Had I realized, I would have done things very differently. I would have waited until my business had developed to a certain point. From that perspective I would have had a clearer picture of exactly what i was relying on a web designer for! Well hindsight is 20/20 and my point is: Having a free site builder included in your web hosting is a great way to preserve your autonomy, especially if you're just getting going!

How do they rank in the forums?

Doing due diligence, they have a couple of #1 awards for their hosting which is obviously a good sign and they get really high marks for their 24/7 phone support. Their customers rank their services consistently high on all counts including 10/10 for customer service, tech support, reliability, ease of use, value for money and control panel. The only less than perfect scores were nominally lower marks (9/10) on speed and features. 

I also really like Justhost's blog. I've checked out other website host's blogs and I have to say usually they are not well written and stuffed with information I don't care about. This one was actually very clearly written and I learned something myself, about cloud hosting. If your business really ramps up, cloud hosting protects you from having your website crash just when you need it functioning most… when it's getting slammed with prospects and buyers! Of course I've been aware of cloud hosting but the justhost blog articulates it in a way that's easy to understand. 

Icing on the cake:

An international company, other great features Justhost.com offers include the ability to host multiple domains, seemless integration, award winning cPanel control panel, outstanding up time and 3 different webmail solutions!

In summary:

I'd highly recommend justhost.com especially if your planning to do internet sales (they offer a free ecommerce shopping site) or just want to start a website quickly and easily. Companies like Justhost make my job easy.

Check them out for yourself and remember to scroll down to the very bottom of the Justhost home page

Date Reviewed: January 9, 2012, 8:39 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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