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reporting of figures includes all brokerage costs and is based on worst-case scenario

no user reviews or forum comments available no subscription costs available

difficult to judge on available information, but newsletter not listed amongst 'top ten' listings

KISS Stock Option Trading Picks REVIEW - Consistently profitable on average? (Or will you "kiss" your $$ goodbye?)

KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid or, as Erik Epp of KISS Options says, Keep it Smart and Simple.

KISS Stock Option Trading Picks newsletter claims to do just that - offer advice that will keep subscribers trading profitably in the options market, following the advice and picks emailed to traders.
Of course there are lots of people doing this.

But we're, different, say KISS Trading Picks, like comparing apples and oranges

(complete with a graphic of an apple and an orange just in case you haven't got the analogy). 
And they are different because they report every trading result, not just a selection.

They claim to show the 'good, the bad and the ugly.'

Based on Erik Epp's 'carefully calculated algorithm' and used in combination with technical indicators and further analysis, the system 'has predicted the market range with an incredible 90% accuracy and has been proven to work in rising markets, falling markets, and even sideways markets.'

Or even 95% accuracy if you read a different page of their website.

Erik has an intriguing background, nicely pitched.

Growing up on a farm, he says, taught him discipline and an understanding of seasonal timing and market forces. He joined the military and developed a further understanding of analysis, timing and probabilities. 
After an injury he entered the world of finance, moving from auditing to trading. Now his goal is to provide investors with suggestions that result in steady returns, based on worst-case scenarios.

And it is the 'worst-case scenario' factor, that, he claims, gives him the edge over his competitors.

Other publications, so Erik says, base their results on hypothetical or unrealistic prices ('best possible' or 'average'). By basing his published results on 'worst case', he ensures that every suggestion can get filled.

Attractive? Potentially.

LIke the wide spreads he recommends, Erik of KISS Options, has covered his bases with his marketing material.
Erik admits that his reporting method puts KISS Options at a disadvantage when comparing their results to other options trading services. This is because, he says, he is reporting honestly and accurately.

The only way to measure results, one would have to agree.

Furthermore, KISS Options only to report results for suggestions that were actually filled, and 'include the cost of doing business' - the brokerage costs which, KISS claim, other picks tippers do not include in their estimates.

So lets see it, I hear you say. What are these results?

Unfortunately they are not published on the website. Neither can I find the cost of subscription (which vary greatly amongst pickers newsletters - from around $30 a month up to $1,000 a year)

Erik provides good FAQs outlining some of the parameters of this business; for example the differences between Stocks, Commodities, Futures, Options, Forex, and ETFs (exchange traded funds). He also outlines his strategies: Covered Writes and Diagonal Spreads. 

However I started this review with the aim of investigating whether the KISS Stock Option Trading Picks review is consistently profitable for subscribers to the newsletter and followers of the picks.

There is very sketchy information available. To get Erik's report you need to download the report which involves inputting email addresses and phone numbers. They do, however, say that at minimum of $10,000 is required to participate. The comparison examples in KISS Options YouTube video are only given as 'us vs them' so there is now way of verifying the figures given.
Unable to find any comparisons, I looked for user reviews.

There is only one which has a recommendation for this service, from an odd-looking site with the comments closed. 

Otherwise, KISS Options hardly registers on the forums, articles, blogs or websites that discuss trading products in exhaustive detail. 

Although there is another trading picks newsletter that claims to use Erik's algorithm.
I have no doubt that conservative reporting is a good idea in this area - no one wants to be seduced by overblown claims.

But if the actual figures and cost of the service can't be easily obtained, compared or verified, then the claims of 'conservative reporting' will fail to convince.
Date Reviewed: October 27, 2011, 5:12 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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Statdr Totally worthless. If you purchase this service, you will constantly lose money. Stay far away! statdr Rating
Fri, May 18, 2012 12:43PM • By: statdrrssreport user
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