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It is easy to assemble and fits over any standard 22-inch grill. The Kettle Pizza is excellent at making crispy, juicy pizzas.


The design may pose safety issues--one person even cut his hand open handling the device.


It's a good starter's product for consumers who want to enjoy wood-fired pizza at home.

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Kettle Pizza KPD-22 from Kettle Pizza
Kettle Pizza KPD 22 Review
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Reviewed: Kettle Pizza KPD-22 (Deluxe, 22 1/2 inch Kettle Grill)

Previously, if you wanted to cook pizza the "authentic" way--thrusting the pizza dough into a wood-fired pit over 800 degrees hot--the only option you had was building a Neopolitan-style wood oven yourself; your standard run-of-the-mill house oven simply couldn't get hot enough.  

Well--until now.

Enter in the Kettle Pizza KPD-22, a steel grill attachment aerodynamically designed to mimic a real pizza stove.  Created by Massachusetts inventor Al Contarino, the Kettle Pizza fits snugly over any standard 22-inch Weber grill, where the cover creates a heated, dry environment for cooking "The Perfect Pizza."  You simply fill your grill with your favorite dry wood, set it on fire, and allow the Kettle Pizza to heat up.  From there, you slide in any pizza of your choosing and allow it cook until it's reached its perfect, char-touched glory.

Comparatively, the Kettle Pizza is quite a steal.  For $79.95, you can purchase the attachment fully assembled, and attaches easily to any round, 22-inch grill.  Traditional brick ovens can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $4,000 dollars, so by comparison, $79.95 is a great deal.

How the Kettle Pizza KPD-22 Works

Kettle Pizza works by mimicking the same environment seen in traditional pizza ovens--building up dry heat that exceeds 800 degrees, which ensures the pizza cooks fast but evenly.  After removing the cover from any standard grill, the Kettle Pizza attachment is placed over the grill; then, after filling the grill with wood and flame, the grill cover is set over it.  This allows it to heat up to precisely the right temperature.

From there, you simply slide pizzas in and out, like a traditional oven.  Using a long-handed pizza slider is recommended--the temperature can get too hot to pull it out with just mittens--and in less than 10 minutes can cook a standard-sized, 14-inch pizza.

After evaluating the Kettle Pizza, I found it to be a decent substitute, but not quite the best.  The stainless steel design may actually limit it from reaching the ideal temperature due to small gaps between the attachment and the grill--that's not good.  There have also been reports of paint peeling off, or otherwise mixing itself into the taste and smell of the pizza, which, obviously, isn't exactly pleasant.  On the plus side, however, it's easy to use and is excellent at making the pizza crust crunchy without completely removing the rest of its juicy goodness.

What the Customers are Saying

Overall, most customers like the Kettle Pizza: It's a good way to mimic wood-fired pizza, they say.  "Extremely easy to use, with much better results than the other methods I've tried for grilled pizza," says one customer.  "Simple and calm enough process to do while entertaining and produces amazing pizzas."

"Our first try was ready in eight minutes," says another customer. "And turned out better than any dine in, take out or delivery pizza we'd ever had.  We've made many pizzas, many different ways now.  Thin crust, thick crust, simple Neapolitan style and one I call the Fat Texan Pizza." 

There have been a few complaints, however--mostly due to the lack of heat regulation, issues with the design itself, and the attachment's sharp edges.  One customer even reported having his hand cut badly while trying to handle the attachment.


Overall, the Kettle Pizza KPD-22 was a decent, but not excellent, product.  While it is able to cook pizzas at the right consistency, producing juicy yet crispy pizzas, the design itself can pose as a safety hazard; it also may be hard to achieve the ideal temperature because of these problems.  Still, its low price and easy usability make it an attractive product for most consumers.  
Date Reviewed: March 28, 2012, 9:11 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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