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Stylish, nicely built, produces lovely coffee when used with K-Cups. Easy to clean, convenient and no mess coffee quickly.


Pump failure is an issue for a significant number of customers. Some machines noisy. Larger cup size can make 'watery' coffee.


Great concept and product flawed too-frequent pump failure. If it works you will love it!

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Keurig B60 Home Brewing System from Keurig
Keurig B60 Home Brewing System Review
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FULL REVIEW: Keurig B60 Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System

Luxury coffee has taken off like a rocket, commercially, over recent years.

But if you don't live close to a coffee shop, or would prefer to make your own, then you may (like any self-respecting European home) be considering buying a coffee brewing system for your own home.

Well they don't come any slicker than the Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System.

As the name suggests, you brew one cup at a time - no more half-drunk cafetiere pots - and you have the option of brewing gourmet coffee, tea or cocoa.

And no more mess, either. (Who needs coffee grounds down the sink, after all...) The system uses patented K-Cups, so no grinding or clean up; and has 3 size options.

'A blend of styling and convenient features,' say Keurig. 

And it certainly looks nice with chrome accents; a sleek and professional design which will take pride of place in any kitchen during the morning meal. It also has a range of attractive features such as precise, programmable controls, a blue LCD display, auto on/off and removable drip tray for easy cleaning.

'It looks very modern and very classy in my otherwise boring kitchen,' said one customer. 'Highly recommended.'

The Keurig B60 can brew three sizes of coffee - the largest of which will fill up any traveling mug. It can also be used as a water heater to make tea, boiling in less than 20 seconds (after an initial 4 minutes heating period).

It costs $129.95.

And reviewers are generally very positive about this machine.
'Best single-serve coffee maker out there,' said one.

'Best coffeemaker period,' added another.

'The best looking and most durable, with the largest variety of coffee and teas available.'

So what about the crucial test - the coffee itself? After all this is a product tempting to coffee aficionados who have high standards for their daily brew.

Pretty good is the answer... with the proviso that the best results come from using the K-Cups and the medium size.

'The coffee is delicious!' said one customer. 'Out of the 18 cup variety pack, I found only one brand that I didn't care for but that is just personal taste.'

'You simply have to try the Timothy's Mocha Java K-cups,' said another. 'Outstanding!'

'It is pretty darn good coffee that is consistent from cup to cup with literally no mess,' added one self-confessed 'coffee snob.'

'I got the best results from the smallest cup size and a 190 degree temp setting,' he added. 'But like with all coffee makers, buying only the freshest K-Cups and using good quality water, will be necessary to optimize results.'

'The bottom line is that one can easily get a good decent cup of coffee in less than a minute.'

Unfortunately, not everyone is as satisfied. There are common reports of pump failure, for example.

'Keurig needs to pay attention to the all too common failure of the pump system,' said one review. 'Mine failed after about 5 months....the only negative but very disappointing fact.'

And she certainly wasn't the only one to encounter this issue.

'Our first Keurig B60 lasted less than 1 year - it just suddenly stopped dispensing the water,' reported one buyer. 'You could hear the pump, it said ready and nothing happened. We contacted Keurig and they were very good about sending us a replacement. The replacement was quieter and worked well....for about a year and a half.'

So top marks for customer support, but this is still a significant issue, frequently reported by buyers.

Others issues are the difficulty of buying K-Cups in stores (although online purchase from the Keurig website has improved) and inconsistency in the coffee itself if you don't use K-Cups.

However it has to be said that this machine is well-loved by coffee fans. It is highly convenient and produces great coffee consistently and quickly, so is ideal for today's busy lifestyle with no clean up after all.

And it will save you a fortune in coffee shops!
Date Reviewed: April 5, 2012, 5:24 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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