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You can monitor quietly in the background. You get the major features of a monitoring software. You get a great price for these basic features.


The program has some bad reviews about interface online. The program seems somewhat limited in comparison to some other programs.


In comparison to some of the more expensive monitoring programs, I would say that KeyLogPro holds up quite well overall. The basic features are similar. There are better products out there, but none that share the low price that I am aware of.

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KeyLogPro from KeyLogPro
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KeyLog Pro ( - FULL REVIEW

There are literally millions of scenarios where one might want to find out what is happening on their computer when they are not around. KeyLog Pro is advertised as a way to record every single thing that happens on your computer without letting anybody know you are doing it. It is supposed to capture every single keystroke on your keyboard with perfect accuracy. It is one of many of these types of products on the market, but is it one of the better ones?

Why would I use KeyLog Pro?

There are lots of good reasons to consider using this product, but some of the more common reasons include:
• A potentially cheating spouse
• A child surfing questionable websites
• A child chatting with strangers
• A work computer being used for non-company purposes
• A child or spouse sending or receiving questionable emails

Many people simply want to know what happens on their own computers and that is surely their right. KeyLog Pro certainly offers an intriguing product if it works. But does it?

What the Internet buying community has to say

Much of what could be found online was a bit dated where KeyLog Pro is concerned and you can make your own assumptions about that. To be fair, the information was primarily referring to what appear to be older versions of the product when they spoke negatively. The positive reviews were all in reference to the most recent version 8.0, so that is encouraging that the company appears to have addressed some of the complaints from before. Still, those complaints were fairly marked and plentiful.

I found reviews that referred to the product as basically nothing more than cryptic in the way they reported the keystrokes that were recorded. The file was basically a “notepad” file that was difficult to read. The interface seemed to be the most complained about aspect of the product overall, but there were also complaints about the features as well. Some said they were limited with KeyLog Pro and others said that the product was simply hard to understand and utilize the features that were there.

Though the complaints certainly exist, I did notice that the product was often being compared to other products as well. When you compare products side by side, the results can sometimes sound much worse than they really are. The fact is, plenty of people do recommend KeyLog Pro and say that it is a bargain in the niche of spyware/monitoring software products. At only $19.95 I would have to say I agree with them to a large degree. The software is rather inexpensive in comparison to most of them, though many are superior overall.

What can I expect to get for my money though?

•The primary results you can expect from this product is to get a play by play of the keystrokes that are typed on your computer. This includes any chats, passwords, emails or messenger services, and it works with all the major websites and companies online.

•It runs in the background so whomever you are spying on will not know it.

•It is good about not slowing down your computer as well. Many websites I came across mentioned that they liked the limited slowdown the program causes. Some of the bigger programs will slow you down quite a bit because of all the processes running.

•Another great thing about KeyLog Pro is the ease with which you can install and set up the program. It is a snap and can be done in a very short evening with no problems by even a newbie to the computer world.

•The customer support gets mixed reviews but overall they are positive. The complaints I found were about the product more than the service.


While there are some complaints out there, I do find that KeyLog Pro is a good enough product for what it is. It seems to me that it is not trying to compete with the big boys in this arena. The lower cost and simpler features seem like a clear indication that this is a base level spyware/monitoring product and that it does that well. Overall, I would personally buy the larger and stronger PC Tattletale, but you will certainly spend a good deal more doing so.

How bad do you want to catch whomever doing whatever? That is the question you need to answer.
Date Reviewed: March 15, 2012, 10:34 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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