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Keyword Discovery has a huge database of search terms that are pulled from over 200 search engines. New data is collected on a daily basis.


This is not the service for those who are just starting their business. Although a good service, its too expensive for those just starting out.


Keyword Discovery is a solid company that has the tools to take your keyword research to a higher level with its huge database of search term data.

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Keyword Word Discovery from Trellian
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Keyword Research To Successful Marketing

What is Keyword Discovery?

Keyword Discovery is a keyword research tool that is comprehensive in nature. The keyword discovery tool collects data from different search engines worldwide. This data is put together to form a range of search related statistical data. The method used to collect the data is referred to as keyword methodology. 

Using this method of keyword research, the company is able to put all data collected from the search engines into its own database. The data is collected from the search engine logs which are imported to the keyword discovery database. Data is also collected through samples at the browser level through the company's user panel and other sources.

Having access to this type of information can be valuable for Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

Keyword Discovery Feature Overviews

Ideas about the search phrases people use to find products and services can be used to maximize search engine traffic.

Specific search words or phrases used by people gives the webmaster visibility in the search engine.

People making spelling mistakes are common and this feature targets spelling errors or different spellings of words. These words can be targeted because they have lower competition than the correct spelled word.

The keyword tool keeps a twelve month history search history for seasonal trends. This can help predict the trends for holidays twelve months in advance. Comparisons can be made to see how demand for various products or services change throughout the year. 

Consider the benefits of having this seasonal indicator:

 •Identify seasonal trends
 •Marketing campaigns can be planned for the peaked holidays.
 •You have control over the timing of your campaigns.
 •Be able to predict low peak periods like the holidays.

KEI (keyword effectiveness indicator)

This indicator is used for keyword analysis. This analysis helps to identify the best keywords to use in marketing campaigns. Sometimes the best keywords are not the best words to use. This can be due to the high competition for the keyword. Using the keyword analysis tool helps to identify these keywords and their effectiveness.

Industry Keywords

The industry keyword tool is used to track the most popular search for words in specific industries. This is the actual traffic that is being driven to these websites. This data will enable you to compare the traffic you are receiving with that of the traffic your competitors are receiving in the same industry.

Keyword density tool

The keyword density tool is used primarily for two SEO jobs.

 1.The keyword density tool checks the density count of keywords used on your pages
 2.This tool targets the keywords that are being used by your competitors.

It has become important to have the right balance of keywords on your pages. Keyword density has an effect upon your page ranking in the search engines. Checking your website for optimization can be done with this keyword tool.

Domain Researcher Tool

The domain research tool can find potential high traffic keyword phrases that can be registered as domains. The domains would be based on researched popular keywords. This tool can cross reference any keyword search phrase to see if available as .com, or .net domains.

Save time with this feature by searching for a hundred search term at a time. Find and be able to register domains that target specific popular search for phrases of keywords. 

Find domains with this tool that you can register because they contain popular keywords.
This enables you to protect your trademarks by registering domains that include your trademarks.


Keyword discovery is an advanced keyword research tool that uses a huge database to find keywords. These keywords or phrases give insight into what people are searching for on the Internet. Using this tool can help find which search terms to use in order for your online business to grow. 




Date Reviewed: October 18, 2012, 9:42 am
Reviewed by evan75
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