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Could be very useful if you have clear competitors and are setting up your internet marketing strategy.

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Keywords Master ( REVIEW - How does it stack up?

Keywords - what might you need those for?

Well in these days of blogging and internet marketing the answer is just about everything.

If you have a blog then you'll want people to read it, which means being able to find it, which means that your blog appears when people search for 'surfing' or 'sewing patterns' or 'christmas recipes.'

If you run an online business then the keywords become... well... even more key. Customers need to find you, fast and easily; your competitors are all vying for business too.

Now of course you could research these keywords yourself, using google or any number of free tools. But this can swallow up hours of your precious time and at the end of all that work you have no way of knowing if the words you've come up with will be effective.

Which is where Keywords Master comes in. 

Keywords Master is a software tool which enables you to perform keyword research and tracking of your competitors. Discover which keywords your most successful competitor is using in their advertising and other marketing strategies. 

Currently used all over the World, Keywords Master can help you optimize those crucial marketing strategies and ensure your business, blog or webpage appears when customers or readers search for a service like yours.

'Enjoy better business on the internet,' say Keywords Master. 'Enjoy a better computer experience and increase productivity.'

Not only will you able to discover your competitors' Adwords and strategies, Keywords Master also delivers other information: for example analysis of, statistics on and affiliates of your competitors.

With fast search speeds, high efficiency and over a 100 million keywords you can quickly discover what your competitors are doing and spy on their keywords strategies.

Then it's up to you to decide whether those strategies are a) working for them and b) will work for you!

Their website lists current 'hot' keywords, which gives you an idea of what is currently big in internet-land ('spyware' 'uninstall' and 'registry repair' - not surprising - but also good old fashioned 'news'). 

So how does the software work and is it difficult to use?

Not according to Keywords Master. You simply enter the keyword or domain you want to search (that surprisingly successful sports blog... the travel advice service that is getting all the new customers...); select your options and click 'search'. All the information about your competitors' website or keywords will appear.

Designed to be easy to use for both SEO (search engine optimization) teams and PC applications, if you do run into problems then Keywords Master has a dedicated support team including email support.

The cost is a $66 one time fee.

So does it work? What do the customers think?

Well, there are good endorsements quoted on the Keywords Master website:

'You save a lot of money with Keyword Master,' said one, 'because you don't have to spend money testing with keywords until you find the best ones to use for your website.'

It will also save time. 'You can get the keywords list in minutes,' said one customer. 'You never have to wait if you use Keywords Master.'

And the professionals are using it. ' is the best tool for SEO. It is easy to use. Thank you!'

However it was difficult to find any independent user reports on this product. The software is 'confidently recommended' by review websites. 

'This spy tool will surely be one of the better within your Internet marketing toolbox,' said one.

And it will certainly enable you to find out quickly and easily what your competitors are doing.

So once you have a good grasp of your own products or market you can certainly increase your success by investigating that of your competitors.

Keywords Master is one way to do this quickly and easily.
Date Reviewed: February 6, 2012, 12:02 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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