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It requires diet changes for the most part, so no fancy equipment are necessary. The diet required by the system produces positive effects relatively quickly.


Patients cannot completely separate from their healthcare provider. The diet can be hard to get started with.


Those who have used the system are reporting that it is effective in both helping their disease, as well as preventing further issues related to it.

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Kidney Diet Secrets from Rachelle Gordon
Kidney Diet Secrets Review
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"Kidney Diet Secrets" by Rachelle Gordon - REVIEW

Kidney Diet Secrets promises that it is able to help kidney disease patients reverse their disease and avoid dialysis and transplants.  This system promises that with using a natural approach you will be able to overcome this condition.  

What is kidney disease and what are the standard treatments?

There are many different types of kidney disease.  Some are more dangerous than others, but all types need to be treated promptly.  When the kidneys are not working properly, you can face waste and fluids building up in the body.  Kidney diseases that are left untreated can eventually lead to death if not treated with dialysis or transplant.  Dialysis pretty much replaces the work that the kidneys would do if they were functioning properly.  Once a person is on dialysis, they must be on it for life unless they get a transplant.  How often a person must do dialysis depends on the severity of their disease.  Some people must sit through dialysis several days a week and this treatment is not without potential complications.  

It is already known that people whose kidneys are not working properly need to restrict certain foods.  Phosphorus-containing foods are a good example.  The kidneys play a role in regulating blood-phosphorus levels.  If they kidneys are not working as they should, an elevated phosphorus level is possible.  Too much phosphorus can result in decreased calcium which could lead to bone issues.  Since most foods contain phosphorus, kidney disease patients have to be extremely careful of what they eat and how much of high-phosphorus foods.  So, as you can see, diet plays a critical role in treating and controlling kidney disease.  

So, is the Kidney Diet Secrets effective in treating kidney disease?

This system was created by a veteran nurse, health consultant and medical researcher, Rachelle Gordon, BSN, RN.  She states that people only get kidney disease for four reasons and that her system is able to counteract these.  The four reasons she states include genes, faulty nutrition, lack of activity and drugs.  It is stated that users should begin feeling better in about two weeks.  

The author states that those at risk for kidney disease will also benefit from her system.  She states that following her system will be helpful in preventing kidney disease from coming to fruition.  

Users report that the system is a three-step method that is easy to follow.  They state that this e-book talks about 10 specific food ingredients that all kidney disease sufferers should eliminate from their diet immediately.  

One report from users is that the diet required by this system can be quite hard at first and that it does take a few days for the body to adjust to the diet.  This report stated that the users did start to feel better, overall, relatively soon after starting the program.  

Users state that anyone following this program should consult with their doctor about it first.  Kidney disease can be life-threatening and people do need professional medical help to fully achieve a holistic approach to healing.

One user reports that this system made it possible for him to avoid dialysis after he was told that dialysis would be necessary.  It is important to reiterate that not everyone will have this type of result and that keeping a healthcare professional up-to-date on your progress is necessary.

This e-book is focused primarily on diet changes.  There may be other techniques too.  Some of the things this system is said to do is help users eliminate muscle cramps and fatigue, control kidney pains, lose weight and treat kidney disease simultaneously, manage diabetic kidney disease and it includes must-know emergency techniques.

Here is a summary of what this system offers (paraphrased from the official website):

  • 100 Simply Kidney Diet Recipes
  • Complete Body Fitness 101
  • Premier Membership Updates
  • A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on the $47.00 Purchase Price 
Date Reviewed: March 3, 2012, 7:48 pm
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